Welcome to The Tyger’s Den – the personal website and blog of J.T. Ward, also known around the internet as Tygerwolfe.
Tyger - Feb 2014

An accomplished writer and artist, Joshua Tyler Ward is a transman in his thirties and a resident of Southern California. Writing and drawing since he was very young, he has made a name for himself in the online fanfiction and artwork communities, as well as in the academic world in his fields of study, Anthropology & Paleontology. To find him around the web, check the Links page.

His free-to-the-public writing can be found on this website, and his artwork portfolio is housed under Tygerwolfe Designs. He has previously been published under his birth name with the YA book, Tigerwolf, as well as under his preferred name in the LGBT centered pagan publication Arcane Perfection (2016), and has a poem in the transmale centered book, Defining Myself: The Transmasculine Experience In Poetry. His current projects include a rewrite of Tigerwolf, to be re-titled The Chosen; a book (and website) about the pets he has loved in his life, and the young adult adventure book To The Third Power, currently in the pre-publication editing phase and available in advance to his monthly supporters on Patreon. Supporters of $5 a month and above will get their names in the dedication of said book when it is completed and published, but anyone can read the chapters for $1 a month and above.

He currently lives in Southern California with his wife and partner of over sixteen years, Lona Nicholle, and their “fluffy son,” Prince James Tumblefluff the First.

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