[Tooth & Arrows] TheHunter Black Bear Tutorial

Monday, January 14, 2013

That’s right I’m making another tutorial video. LOL They’re going to keep having this contest, so I’m going to keep entering. I’m learning a lot from making the videos – scripting them, “shooting to script,” literally, and video editing just to name a few things.

This one was actually more complicated than my previous Mule Deer Tutorial video, in that due to the nature of Black Bears in the game, it took several hunts to gather the required footage. However, this time I’m actually a second under the time limit given by the competition, despite this tutorial arguably including much more information.

As a result, you might need to pause the video to read the text in a few places. But as long as it gets the information across, I have a good feeling about this video.

Check it out and feel free to comment either here or on YouTube!

I’ve also included a gallery below of the trophy shots I used as stills in the video. All of them are actual trophies I’ve taken in the game – I didn’t borrow anyone else’s screenshots for it. I’m particularly proud of the “roaring” shot used for the title and credits card, and of the blonde bear just because – well, it’s really pretty.



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