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A few years back I realized that I wanted to write a book to share all the wonderful stories of my pets with the world. One of my favorite things to read are pet biographies. My favorite book is Merle’s Door: Lessons of a Freethinking Dog, and other books like Marley & Me are close seconds.

I’ve laughed and cried with so many others over their beloved pets, watched the journey through life and into death – and in some cases beyond, and I knew that I wanted to share all of my pet’s stories with the world like that. Read on »

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The most profound physical encounter I have ever had with a spirit of any kind was with Flake, the cat I talked about in part 2 of this series. I only knew him alive for about a month and a half, but I bond quickly with animals.

However, Flake was the exception until right before the end.

He was a very literal scaredy cat. Loud noises, sudden movements…

New people in the house.

And it was hard on me because here I was in this new place with new people, and the one thing that felt comfortable to me was that there were pets. So I focused on the pets. But this one didn’t like me – worse than that, he was afraid of me. Read on »

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I have an obligation to animals I know after they die. The obligation being that I have…well, call it a sixth sense. I’ve already talked about my obligation to these beloved pets around the event of death itself, but the obligation I feel passes into something a bit more after their bodies have been laid to rest and they’re back home in their urns.

I’ve always been a bit sensitive to the more spiritual side of the world. As anyone who’s been reading my blog for any length of time would probably know – from skin spirits to therianthropy, to any myriad of other topics that I’ll answer about if asked, I’m not shy when it comes to talking about my personal experiences with the paranormal. Read on »

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Ziggy was my cat from the moment my wife’s father (who he had belonged to previously and who purchased him as a kitten) passed away.

"Yes, I'm on mommy's leg. And I am staying here."

He glued himself to me, followed me, talked to me, sat on my desk – all the things a cat person associates with a cat having chosen you. So, his very attachment TO me was born out of death. After my wife’s brush with death early last year (multiple TIAs and one stroke – more of both she has had since then), Zig started treating her as his mommy. At which point she realized as I had that he was not actually as dumb as he pretended to be most of the time. With us, he was himself – which was a very smart cat. Read on »

A few years ago, I had a character that I used as an online avatar. I called him Acerbus Lupi. Here’s one of the first images I ever made of him:

(c) Tygerwolfe Designs 2002

(c) Tygerwolfe Designs 2002

Acerbus Lupi translates roughly to “Dark Wolf,” in modified latin.  As you can see from his surrounding scenery, he had a connection to death from the very beginning. Read on »