SALE! $5 Therian Icons!

So tonight, I was thinking about therian symbolism and the idea of a therian (or contherian, to be more specific) ying/yang kind of symbol came to mind. Then I realized that it’d be awesome if I could offer that to other people, too. I spent the evening making a few examples, and now I’m offering them to all of you!

$5 Therian Icon Sale
For $5 you get a 500×500 version, a 100×100 version, and a 50×50 version – with solid color background, gradiant background, or transparent (.png) background. All but the transparents will be in .jpg format. You have the right to use your design as an icon, or even a tattoo if you wish.

More complicated versions (individual characters with markings, etc) will be more expensive, and priced on a case-by-case basis based on complexity of design. Elemental designs are also available!

The best part? Unlimited slots! Though there will obviously be a first-come-first-served queue. Place your order with the form and Paypal button below for your preferred species!

For more complex icon orders, please send your request with references (if a character) and as much detail as possible to Tygerwolfe[at] . Once your design has been agreed upon, Paypal details will be given.

Species Requested:
Email Address For Delivery: