GU! Countdown: Ethics

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ghostwriters Unite! is the first conference of its kind, where ghostwriters and other industry professionals will come together to share their experience and expertise.

Full of interesting and informative panels like:


Should a ghostwriter take a on a job that makes them uncomfortable? Would you write the book for a serial killer? How do business and personal ethics factor into the ghostwriting world? Find the answers and more.

Panelists on this 9am, Saturday morning discussion include:

Derek Lewis is a ghostwriter to professionals, turning CEOs into authors and helping them share their industry insights and expertise with the public. With a master’s degree in economic development and a certification as a professional ghostwriter, he works exclusively with business professionals ready to “write the book” on their area of expertise.

Eva Shaw, Ph.D. is the ghostwriter and author of more than 7o award-winning books. A regular presenter at conferences speaking on the diverse topics of writing as well as grief and recovery, she teaches six university-level online writing courses available at 2000 colleges and universities worldwide.

And Leigh Ann Hirschman is a former HarperCollins editor and has been an independent writer since 1997. A bestselling ghostwriter and collaborator, she specializes in psychology, parenting and health, co-authoring almost a dozen nonfiction books published by major houses.

Join us for this and much more fun at Ghostwriters Unite!, May 3rd – 5th at the Hilton Long Beach & Executive Meeting Center. More updates to come as we count down to the first ever ghostwriting conference. We’ll see you in May!

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