My Dad Is A Fisherman’s Fisherman

Friday, May 18, 2012

That is to say, he’s a man who loves fishing. Always has. He’ll sit for hours, casting over and over into a still lake, never catch anything, and still feel that he had a very worthwhile day. I, on the other hand, got bored every time I went with him. >.< I feel really bad in all honesty for that. I realize now that I’m a bit ADD – I can’t do one thing at a time very well – I like having something to look over at, something to think about. But maybe if, instead of standing at a lake, my dad and I had lived somewhere near a company like Lake Michigan Fishing Charters where we could’ve gone out  onto a lake and fished from a boat (somewhere where I couldn’t wander away to explore the surrounding park 😛 ), I would’ve learned to love fishing. Honestly, I DO enjoy it…it’s just tedious and I don’t have my father’s patience. Some time in the future I should get him to go with me to a company like Lake Michigan Fishing Charters and give fishing another try.

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