These Ancient Eyes: Not Writer’s Block… More Like Writer’s Molasses

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I’ve been trying for nearly two weeks to write the next post in my Shift Happens series. The last three posts, each more than five pages in Word long, have poured out of me easily to the point that I was actually backlogged and just able to post them on their proper Mondays. But this latest post has been fighting with me.

It isn’t that I don’t have the information or the desire to write… it’s that I’m writing it incredibly slowly. I don’t have writer’s block – I’m stuck in writer’s molasses. Two weeks, and I don’t even have a single page written. I’ve just gotten to the definitions of dream and astral shifting, and I still have SO much more to write… I just don’t know for sure if I’ll have it done by this next post deadline.

Still, I hope so. I’ve been doing so good with this series so far. I’m excited to continue it – I think there’s only one more article after this one, even. Maybe that’s why I’m stuck – I don’t quite want it to end yet. Which is strange, because I haven’t gotten a single (real) comment on the series at all – on my site, on Blogger, or on LJ. However, I feel that I really need to be putting this out. So hopefully it’s helping someone.

Obviously, I CAN write, because, see here, I’m typing all of this right now! And I’m typing more here than I have on that article. This is just seriously weird. I don’t think I’ve ever had molasses before – I’ve had block, I’ve had constipation, and I’ve had explosion… But molasses is a completely new experience.

Hopefully writing this is getting me unstuck from my writer’s goo, and perhaps I’ll be able to finish that article tomorrow. One thing’s for sure, I’m done attempting it for today.

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