[Storyteller’s Howl] And So It Begins

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My mom recently asked me if I was participating in National Novel Writing Month this year, given all the other work I’m doing and how overwhelming it tends to be. I hadn’t had time to answer her (ironically), and other issues came up. However, I figure the easiest way to answer a question like that is in a blog – which, oddly enough, I do have time to write. Which proves that I do have time to write – if almost nothing else. Good thing that’s how I make my living these days.

Yes, I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I have a neat little word count widget in my sidebar if you want to keep track of my progress (assuming the NaNoWriMo site isn’t so overloaded that it doesn’t show up – which happens sometimes). But what I really think my mom and everyone else is going to be particularly interested in is exactly WHAT my novel is, this year.

I’d had several options. On the table was consideration of doing a sequel to To The Third Power, but while there were several ideas bouncing around, I never found a plot that I both liked and thought I was capable of writing. Another option was becoming what’s known as a “NaNo-rebel,” and writing my non-fiction pet memoir, Beyond The Rainbow Bridge. And while I know I will eventually get those stories, that tribute, written out and hopefully published, this year isn’t the time for it.

My final option was to finally get around to actually rewriting my first novel: Tigerwolf, under the new (tentative) titleĀ RWSTF: Tyler Wolfe. (No, the image in this post isn’t the actual book cover – it’s a movie poster I made for an art 195 class at one point, but it’s what I have that isn’t seriously dated by being about the old book.)

So, now that I’ve written this blog post letting everyone know what I’m doing, make sure to check out the word count widget and make me your Writing Buddy if you’re participating. My NaNo name is Tygerwolfe. Happy writing!

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