[TAE] 31 Days of Vulture Culture – Day 17

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

31 Days of Vulture Culture – Day 17

Sorry this is a day late!

17)  Do you have a favorite bone blog? Do you remember the first bone blog that followed you?

OK, I just checked. 😛 No bone blogs follow me on Tumblr. There might be some on LJ, but that doesn’t actually surprise me since my blog isn’t primarily fur and bone related.

However, I do remember the first bone blog I followed on LiveJournal. While I don’t participate in the community as much, I still watch it on my LJ friends feed.

Fur, Hide, and Bone

I do watch quite a few bone blogs on Tumblr, and I occasionally reblog interesting stuff, but as this isn’t a bone blog primarily, I don’t do it very often. Doing the 31 Days of Vulture Culture meme is the first time I’ve actually posted bone stuff this much.

Since my followers aren’t complaining, though, I might keep reblogging. Besides, this is why blacklisted tags exist. 😛 And the vulture culture tag is on every bone thing I post.

That’s it for day 17!

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