[TAE] 31 Days of Vulture Culture – Day 2

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day two of 31 Days of Vulture Culture!

2) Do you talk to your family and friends about bones? What do they think about it?

The reactions range from interested and curious to disconcerted and (in a couple of cases) mildly horrified.

My mom and dad, while I didn’t actively collect while I was living with them, have been very interested in my hobby from the moment I started collecting and talking to them about it. The first time I visited them after I started collecting, I brought with me (among other things) a full coyote pelt that they were very interested in, and that lived on the end of my bed while I was there. They both seem to enjoy handling the things – be it fur or bone, and as my mom shares my interest in and love of the natural world, we bond over the scientific value of the individual specimens.

I live with five other people, and the reactions are mixed within the house. My mother-in-law doesn’t really LIKE the things, but as long as she doesn’t have to look at them or deal with them, she’s fine with them being here. My best friend is fascinated and any time I bring my specimens out for any length of time, she likes to go through them with me. My brother-in-law and his boyfriend are interested in a scientific way, but except for some bits of fox I’ve gifted them, don’t really seem interested in collecting on their own.

Then there’s my wife. She supports my collection, however we have an understanding. She is of a very neutral energy, and the powerful nature auras of my collection screw with her for the most part. The one exception is Robert(a), my bobcat pelt pictured above. My wife works very well with felines, and Roberta’s energy is a comfortable fit. Therefore Roberta is the only member of my collection that’s out in our bedroom on a regular basis – currently hanging by her nose from a hook in the corner as I work on reshaping her head. Pretty much everything else I own is in a large trunk at the foot of our bed, only brought out when I need them for something or when Lona’s not home for the day and I can safely move them around without messing with her energy.

Her aunt is the “mildly horrified” one. When she comes to visit, I try to make sure she won’t encounter anything. She’s…well, she’s a rather extremist animal rights person. And while she knows everything I have is cast-offs of the fur/hunting trade or rescued road kill, I still try to avoid even her sad little noises by making sure she won’t see anything when she comes to visit.

So that covers the answer for day 2!

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