[TAE] 31 Days of Vulture Culture – Day 5

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

31 Days of Vulture Culture – Day 5

5) Favorite object in your collection?

I couldn’t actually make a decision here, though I tried. Therefore there are two pieces of my collection that I have to denote as my favorites.

First is my black bear skull, who’s been with me for a long time now. That skull has aided in three separate presentations in college (for a variety of classes – from public speaking to biology to anthropology), and is hands down the most impressive bone specimen in my entire collection.

For video of one of the classroom uses, check out this link. When I took Public Speaking, the teacher recorded our speeches and I put mine up on YouTube because…well, I’m weird like that.

The other item is my full, eastern coyote pelt. I call him Mikey, which came from me referring to him as “my coyote” for about a year and shortening it to Mikey after awhile, but it suits him. He’s fairly large, and was probably a 60 to 80 pounder when alive. He also has lovely classic coyote coloring that I love.

When I visited my parents in Texas for the first time after acquiring him, he came with – traveling inside my carry on luggage on the plane, and spending the time in Texas across the end of my bed like a fluffy accent rug. He’s too large to carry with on a regular basis – that travel spot has been taken by Roberta now – but I still love the old boy. I need to get a brush and fluff him a bit, though. A few years in my storage chest has made some of his fur get a little knotty.

And that’s it for day 5!

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