[TAE] 31 Days of Vulture Culture – Day 7

Friday, March 7, 2014

31 Days of Vulture Culture – Day 7

7) What is your favorite skull in your collection?

You’d think since my bear skull is one of my favorite pieces in my collection, that it would be my favorite skull. But it isn’t.

My favorite skull in my collection is a domestic cat skull. I love to compare it to the bobcat skull I own and look at all the subtle, but important differences. 

I’m a cat lover, and as you all know, I recently lost a very beloved cat. You’d think that this situation might make me unable to look at or touch the skull of another domestic cat, but on the contrary – it’s made the skull mean even more to me.

While I didn’t know the cat this skull came from (it was rescued roadkill by a friend of mine), looking at it’s details and feeling the familiar curvature of the top of the head is comforting somehow. Like the way petting Ziggy’s urn is.

Zig’s final resting place is one of his favorite places from life – on my desk. So he’s always with me, where I can see and touch the reminder of my furry son constantly. The skull is another reminder in a strange way – everything lives, everything dies, but we all have a legacy.

I’m the proud caretaker of this cat’s legacy, held in it’s skull. Just as I’m the proud caretaker of Ziggy’s ashes in their little stripy wood urn. Being a good steward of the reminders of life is a big part of vulture culture, and one of the primary reasons that this domestic cat skull is a favorite of mine within my collection.

And that’s it for day 7!

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