[TAE] 31 Days of Vulture Culture – Day 8

Saturday, March 8, 2014

31 Days of Vulture Culture – Day 8

8) Favorite non skull bone?

I don’t actually own many non-skull bones. With the exception of some cougar, black bear, and wolf knuckle bones, my bone collection is mostly skulls.

But I do own one non-skull bone that’s definitely a favorite for multiple reasons.


Yes, it’s a knuckle bone, but what’s special about it is the source. This is the knuckle bone of none other than the extinct dire wolf – the very creature which I have such a soul-deep connection to.

It was a gift from a very dear friend, and I still have no idea how I’d ever repay this kindness. The bone has a place of honor among my collection, in it’s own little plastic case with a photo of the dire wolf model from the La Brea Tar Pits behind it, and the little label that came with it taped to the front.

This bone literally sends shocks through me when I touch it, every time – and it did before I actually knew what it was. The tar pit discoloration shows how the wolf died, and, well…While the dire wolf skull is a holy grail item to me, owning this bone makes me feel like one day I’ll actually GET there, as well as being a lot closer to that ancient part of myself.

And that’s it for day 8!

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