[TAE] 31 Days of Vulture Culture – Day 9

Sunday, March 9, 2014

31 Days of Vulture Culture – Day 9

9) Where is your collection housed? Where do you clean your bones?

This is going to be a fairly short post. My entire collection, with the exception of Guardian (the coyote shoulder mount mentioned in an earlier post), my dire wolf bone (mentioned yesterday), and my baby alligator head, are all inside a trunk pretty much identical to the one in this picture.


It’s packed carefully, but pretty tight, with my partial mule deer hide on the bottom, all my skulls and rocks carefully arranged on that, then my tail collection, then the rest of my pelts, my european antler mount, and other little bits and bobs on top.

No, it’s not ideal, and it’s not in any way a display, but as I talked about on day 2, there really isn’t much of a place or way I could display my collection that would be comfortable for everyone I live with. So in their trunk at the foot of the bed, they remain.

Lona and I have talked about when we eventually have our own place, of each of us having our own ROOMS on top of our shared bedroom, so that each of us can display the spiritual things that matter to us without the energy effecting the other adversely – or without the other’s energy interfering WITH the energy of our things.

But until then, both of our things remain carefully put away.

As for the second half of the question – I don’t currently clean bones myself, though that will be changing once I get my rabbit hunting supplies and license some time this year. At which point…well, I guess I’ll have to figure something out!

That’s it for day 9!

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