[TAE] 31 Days of Vulture Culture – Days 18 – 20

Thursday, March 20, 2014

31 Days of Vulture Culture – Days 18-20

Combining these 3 days into 1, which both gets me back on track day-wise, AND combines what would’ve been 3 very tiny text posts into one. 😛

18) Is your blog bones/taxidermy/dead stuff only? Or is it also your personal blog?

19) How long have you been blogging about dead things?

20) How did you find the Vulture Culture? Were you surprised about how many there are?

As I mentioned on day 17, my blog is VERY far from being dead things only. On top of being a forum for me to showcase my personal thoughts and beliefs, it’s also a place to keep things that I enjoy and will want to look at later, or just comment about.

I’ve been blogging about dead things off and on from the moment I started my blog. The most noted example being my Skin Spirits In The Public Eye series last year. I also blogged about them a lot when I was in physical anthropology and spent my class times surrounded by and interacting with the skulls of quite a few primates. But I don’t do it as much these days – when something speaks to me and I get another topic idea, you can be sure I’ll blog about it again!

I talked about how I found vulture culture on day 17 – via the community on LiveJournal. But I’ve been aware of taxidermy since I was very young, and always was fascinated by all things it entailed. I do love the art of it, as well as the chance it offers to see exotic species up close and personal.

Yes, I have been surprised exactly how many people there are that share my passion. I’d grown up thinking it was weird that I was so interested in dead things, but the internet showed me I wasn’t alone. I’ve made a few friends via my interests as well, who I continue to talk to.

That’s it for days 18 through 20! We’re in the home stretch, only 10 days to go!


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