[TAE] A Sad But Honest Calling part 5

Monday, June 23, 2014

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A few years back I realized that I wanted to write a book to share all the wonderful stories of my pets with the world. One of my favorite things to read are pet biographies. My favorite book is Merle’s Door: Lessons of a Freethinking Dog, and other books like Marley & Me are close seconds.

I’ve laughed and cried with so many others over their beloved pets, watched the journey through life and into death – and in some cases beyond, and I knew that I wanted to share all of my pet’s stories with the world like that.

But I’ve never found the time – and writing the book itself has always seemed…daunting. See, I’ve had quite a lot of pets. From goldfish and newts to parakeets, rodents, dogs, and quite a few cats. I’ve talked about some of them in this series – but I’m only scratching the surface of the stories about them all I could tell.

And so, the book has remained – titled, but unwritten.BeyondRainbowPoster-235x300

I have such an easier time writing blogs, you see. Short, quick – sometimes not so short, but always with a goal in mind. Though the stories in this series have revolved around the loss of some of these beloved pets – their lives have SO many more stories to tell. And, as I’ve mentioned, so do their afterlives in quite a few cases.

Thus, Beyond The Rainbow Bridge has been born. The title is that of the book that I hope to one day compile all the stories I will write in that blog into. But until then, this site will give me a way to share the joy and pain of all the love I’ve experienced from pets of all shapes and sizes with the world.

Who knows – perhaps some day I will open the site up to outside contributions, so people can have their own additions to the ongoing memorial – a place to remember beloved pets and tell their stories. But for now, the stories will mostly be mine – animals I have owned or known very well. Stories of love and loss, stories of happiness and pain. Stories of dealing with the loss of precious loved ones – and even stories of what came after.

Join me Beyond The Rainbow Bridge, and come meet some of my old friends.

I can’t wait for you to meet them.


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