[TAE] Addiction Update

Saturday, May 18, 2013

In March of last year, I came to the realization that I have a food addiction. In September of last year, I was still fighting it – and I lost a battle fairly dramatically. It’s now over a year since I originally took ownership of this addiction…and I’m still fighting.

The issues I talked about in the first linked post above dealing with how to recognize food addiction came back within the last few months – and came back with a vengeance. Food was all I could think about. I reached a point about a week ago, though, that made me realize just how badly I’d fallen off the wagon.

I’d eaten three normal-sized meals that day. But I’d never stopped feeling hungry – in fact, when my wife later asked me when the last time I hadn’t felt hungry was, I said – with honesty – “Over a month ago.” Anyway, this evening I was still hungry, and about to go to bed. I couldn’t stand the growling of my stomach, the clenching, twisting pain of it. But there were no chips (that were mine) or other easy to grab and eat “convenience foods” available. There was also no extra money to make a middle-of-the-night fast food run.

I ended up eating about six slices of american cheese, most of a container of pickle spears (and it was mid-way through eating these that it hit me that I was in trouble. I almost ate the whole container. I only successfully managed to make myself put three back), and the other half of one of Lona’s bags of chips. None of this made me full, but it stopped the pain enough that I could sleep. The next day I approached Lona about how I felt my addiction was coming back in spades, and I didn’t know what to do.EvilFastFood

I decided to take the drastic step of taking some sort of appetite suppressant. However, I can’t have caffeine because it makes my heart race, and most appetite suppressants have either caffeine or guarana. Lona and I looked up naturopathic appetite suppressants  only to be confronted with the most viable option being green tea – which is caffeinated, though decaf is available. We already had some at home, so after we finished our shopping, I was going to go home and have some to see if it helped.

Then we saw this on a shelf. Mega-T Green Tea based diet pill. A quick check of the ingredients revealed guarana as one of the active ingredients, but in such a small amount…I was willing to try it. I took one when I got home.

Before the evening was over, I’d lost my obsessive desire to eat. It was just…gone. The instructions of the pill say to take one before every meal, but I seem to be doing fine on one a day. I don’t know if I’ve lost weight – but I DO know that the cravings have stopped, and I’ve had more energy and generally felt better – and my heart hasn’t raced or skipped beats ONCE.

So I have a new ally in my battle against my food addiction. However, there are SOME side effects.

Since I started taking it, I noticed that I was having, off and on, cold-like symptoms. Stuffy nose, coughing, but never actually feeling SICK. It’s near the end of the semester – I figured I picked up my twice-a-year end-of-semester cold. But it never got BAD. I also noticed that I had a mild headache from time to time.

Checking out the reviews for the pill on Amazon in preparation to write this blog, I found that both of those things are incredibly rare side effects of the pill. The headache is from mild dehydration (since I’ve upped my water intake, I’ve been fine). The cold-like-symptoms though…Unless my body is cleaning out toxins and choosing to do it through my respiratory system, I have no idea what that’s about. But I will TAKE that for not being obsessed over food all the time.

I highly recommend the Mega-T. It’s in the process of changing my life. But be aware of the possible side effects. They’re not too high a price for me to pay, but they might be for someone else.

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