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Saturday, April 13, 2013

It’s been over a month since my last blog – in fact, I haven’t blogged since my pre-scheduled series on Skin Spirits ended.

This has been due to an incredible lack of time on my part – and due to some very unfortunate things in my life.

Any of you who have me friended on Facebook have likely heard about what’s going on with my fiancee, Lona, and the series of mini-strokes that caused her to be hospitalized early in March for about a week. She’s doing better now, and we’re getting her the medications she needs to try and ensure she doesn’t have any more of them – but she has had two more since being home, for a grand total of twelve in the space of a month.

While she was in the hospital, I didn’t leave her side for more than a few minutes, and I didn’t leave the hospital until she did. Since she’s been home, she’s been my primary focus (I know – not much different from usual, but still – devotion takes on a whole new level when you’re aware the person you love could have died right in front of you at least three times), and the rest of my time has been spent trying to catch up with artwork commissions and stepping in, in Lona’s stead, in her mother’s company as we work to get Ghostwriters Unite! to pull off in less than a month.

Speaking of GU!, you’ll be learning a lot more about it over the remainder of this month as I join my fellow Ghostwriters Unite! bloggers in bringing to you a countdown of sorts. Each week day between now and the start of the conference, a new post will go up with information on another panel and some of our distinguished panelists.

Basically, this post is going up both as a minor update, and as a kind of warning – the countdown is coming. It starts on monday. Feel free to share the posts with any writers in your lives that might be interested. This conference is the first of it’s kind – and if you come, you’ll get to meet not only me, but Lupa as well.

Hope to see everyone there.!

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