[TAE – Ominous October] My Creepy Experiences Part 1

Monday, October 3, 2016

All my life, I’ve had paranormal experiences. Yes, this is one of those posts and I am one of those people!

Welcome to Ominous October – the one month a year where I devote my blog to the creepy, unexplained, and spine-chilling – and, most importantly, true.

The earliest creepy experience I can remember happened regularly when I was very young. I used to think of these three things as being unrelated, but now looking back on it I think there might have been something malevolent in the apartment where I grew up. If not in our particular apartment (it wasn’t always present), then at least in that building or area of the complex.

I had a recurring nightmare – it was very, very vivid. My friends and I were hiding in and around the apartment – but it wasn’t the apartment as I knew it. The furniture was different, and dilapidated. Everything was knocked over, like a huge struggle had taken place. The lighting was overwhelmingly red, like a fiery sunset that somehow illuminated everything, inside and out.redlanterns

Looking back on it, the phrase “post-apocalyptic” was a very good description. But when I started having this nightmare, I was barely seven or eight years old and had no concept of what “apocalyptic” would even MEAN, so looking back on it, that reality alone makes this recurring nightmare creepy. But what happened in the nightmare just made it worse.

I don’t know when I consciously became aware that decapitation was a method of execution. I’d like to think I was younger than this when I had that realization – otherwise this just gets freakier. Because the being my friends and I were hiding from in the dream had that exact goal in mind. I never saw him clearly, but I’m certain it was a large, intimidating, male human. He carried an axe. And through the course of the dream, he would catch and kill each of my friends, leaving me cowering alone. I still vividly remember the “swish-thunk” of his axe, and how my friends’ cries would be suddenly silenced as their heads came off.

When it was down to just two of us, my other friend would be caught, and I couldn’t leave my hiding place for fear of being caught as well. This left me in a perfect position to witness this final execution – though not head on. I always saw it happen by watching the shadow of the event cast on a nearby wall. I never actually saw the moment happen, just the shadow. And right as that axe thunked down and I knew my friend was dead, I would wake up.

I slept with a 7 1/2 watt light on in my room to avoid waking up from this nightmare to darkness. It would take me awhile afterwards to fall back asleep. And I had this nightmare at least once a week when I was young. As I grew into a teenager, it became less frequent, finally disappearing entirely some time around my 14th year. To this day I have no idea why I had this dream, what it might have meant, or what exactly inspired it. But the only thing that changed with the dream was the friends I had in it – it was always whatever small group of friends I had at the time. When it started, it was two sisters I played with regularly. Then a brother and sister who lived above me for several years. By the last time I had the dream, it was the girl I played with regularly and her family that was hiding with me.

skeletonLooking back on it, I’ve come to the conclusion that our apartment may have been playing host to some sort of malevolent spirit that was causing the nightmares. I also have reason to believe it was preying on my parents. While we lived there, my father suffered from depression, and my mother grew…there’s really no other word for it – she grew a bit paranoid. My suspicion that this…whatever-it-was…was preying on my parents began with the fact that if I slept with my door open, I would occasionally see something out of the corner of my eye cross in front of my door and go into my parent’s room.

This thing made no sound, but I got the overwhelming feeling that if I were to look directly at it, I would see a bleached white human skeleton. Sometimes, though, it felt more like it would look dried out – like a mummy. This may or may not have been inspired by my love of Egyptology at the time. Still, I would never be thinking about the thing when I would catch sight of it, so I doubt it was my own paranoia that was causing the sightings.

There was another creature, though, one that I saw almost as regularly as I had that nightmare. And this one I did see, looking dead-on at it, every single time.

I’ve called it “the floating skull” in my head ever since I first saw it. It was a human skull, with nothing but red glows where the eyes should be, and it was always surrounded by a black, swirling cloud that made it’s edges fuzzy. As if the Gaussian blur filter in Photoshop had been applied to the cloud and the edges of the skull itself. The whole thing was slightly transparent as well – I could see the walls behind it, through it, to a point.

What makes this apparition creepier is where it appeared and what it was always doing. It appeared hovering in the air in my room, floating around and staring down at me as I laid in bed. It would never be there when I went to sleep, but if the lights were out I could feel it there, just out of sight, waiting. And any time the light was turned off, when I woke in the middle of the night, there it would be. It’s jaw moved as if it were laughing at me. It made no sound, and to my memory there was never any scent associated with it. It was a wholly visual phenomenon, and always happened in the middle of the night.floatingskull

The first time I saw it, I called for my mother, screaming. It disappeared right before she came in, and she sat with me. She told me it was a nightmare, if I remember correctly, and prayed with me for it to go away. Comforted, I went back to sleep. I didn’t see it again for some time – but I still felt like it was around, especially when I’d wake up in the middle of the night. Like it was watching me from just outside of my field of vision.

After awhile, it showed up again – this time when the light was on. This scared me badly and I again called my mother. It again disappeared before she got there, and I again felt it was laughing at me. This time my mother taught me what I should do if I saw it again – I was to tell it to go away and rebuke it in Jesus’ name. Again, comforted, and feeling better for having an idea of what to do if it came back, I went back to sleep.

It was some time again before it came back, and this time I did what my mother told me. It disappeared, and I was elated. I went back to sleep.

Later that same week, I was awakened by sensing it again. I once again rebuked it. It once again disappeared. But it was becoming more frequent – it had been over a month between when my mother scared it away and when it came back. When I rebuked it, it barely stayed gone four days.

snarlingwolfThen, it happened. Three times in one night, it woke me. Three times I rebuked it. Three times it disappeared. All times with the light on. However, I was starting to lose faith. Yes, it left every time I rebuked it, but then it came right back. I was beyond scared – I was starting to get angry.

When it appeared the next night an I woke up, feeling it’s burning eyes on me, I felt a fury course through me like nothing I’d ever felt before. I growled at it, the wolf in my soul coming to the forefront, aroused by my anger and frustration. In a low, snarling tone, I told it to get the fuck out of my territory. It was literally the first time in my life I’d used that word, and would be the last for many, many years. To this day, I’m not even sure where I first heard that particular swear word. At this time, I was about 14 years old. I was too old for nightmares. Too old for this damned thing to keep harassing me.

I don’t know what it was about me that was different – maybe because I was drawing on my own power now instead of calling on someone else’s – or maybe just because I was angry and therefore no longer entertaining to the entity…but it disappeared that night, and I never saw it again.

I also never had the post-apocalyptic, executioner nightmare again after that, that I can remember. So looking back on it, I can’t help but think those two things were related.

However, I continued to see/sense the skeleton passing by my door for the rest of the time I lived in that apartment with my parents – until I was 22 years old. But that creature, whatever it was, barely made me uneasy. It wasn’t after me – it was after them.

Beyond these creepy things, the paranormal experiences I had growing up all involved sensing the spirits of departed pets, long after they passed across the Rainbow Bridge. But those experiences were comforting – not something for Ominous October. Though the third week of this month, I WILL be talking about pets and the paranormal, both my experiences and those of others. So stay tuned as Ominous October continues in the following weeks, with more spooky experiences that I’ve lived through, and a look into the world of what our pets may or may not be sensing that we can’t.

Have you ever had a recurring nightmare? Seen something creepy, or maybe even demonic? Tell me about it in the comments! I’ll see you next week!

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