[TAE – Ominous October] My Creepy Experiences: Part 2

Monday, October 10, 2016

Last week I talked about some creepy paranormal experiences that happened to me when I was growing up. Today I’d like to focus on the more recent. Some of these aren’t necessarily creepy, but they are definitely paranormal.

This first one might be more anxiety than paranormal, however, but it has been happening most of my life. I can trace it back to when I used to see the skeleton creature going into my parents’ room in the apartment I grew up in, but only in the fact that the feeling of something foreboding just outside my field of vision is the common factor.

Sometimes when walking alone at night – it doesn’t matter if it’s through my own house, walking outside to get in or out of my car, or walking through a mostly abandoned parking lot – I will have an overwhelming sense of something following me. The sensation of something right behind me – and not that it necessarily means me harm, but it’s just there.banshee

Sometimes this sensation comes with a paralyzing fear – a feeling that if I turn around, I will see something that I really don’t want to – or shouldn’t – see. Sometimes this feeling of fear comes with a mental image set – a kind of mind-video of what I might see if I do turn around. Usually, though, this mind-video is always the same image. The screaming face of a woman (sometimes with arms up and hands curved into claws), with black holes where the eyes should be and a mouth open far too wide to be reasonable, coming at me faster than a car. The mental video always ends right about when my face is going to go through the thing’s mouth, so I have no idea what would actually happen if I were to turn around and this thing were actually there.

Sometimes, when the area behind me isn’t very large – like in the hallway at home in the middle of the night – the mind-video is a little different. It’s that there’s a large, looming shadow figure right behind me. Now, as I mentioned last week, I’ve seen shadow figures my whole life off and on, as has my best friend, Nyx. This actually made it into the book I’m currently editing over on Patreon, as one of the shadow figures – known as a “hat man” (and believe me, that is a google search you might be better off NOT clicking on) – is actually a character in the book. A minion of the true Big Bad who, as of this moment in the edits, has yet to reveal itself.

Still, when in enclosed spaces at night, these shadow beings are the kinds of things I find myself being afraid are behind me. Now, this isn’t fear that stops me – but it does occasionally cause me to inch down the hallway with my back against the wall if I’m feeling particularly vulnerable, as a kind of “better safe than sorry” situation. If the wall is at my back, nothing else can BE back there.

This isn’t to say that I haven’t actively seen creepy things in more than just my mind’s eye, though. There have been two experiences within the last year that are poignant mostly because I was not the only witness. The first, almost a year ago, occurred when my wife and I were driving around two in the morning, coming back from a very late delivery shift.

We were on a road going through a fairly rural area on the way back from the delivery zone, when what at first glanced looked like a coyote crossed the road about 20 feet in front of us – close enough that I slammed on the brakes to be sure I wouldn’t hit it. The following is the post I made that night on Facebook about the encounter, copied because it was friends locked.

“We saw a coyote while we were out driving tonight – except that it wasn’t a coyote. It left no tracks on the dirt and it’s legs moved at a blurred speed, despite it actually going past very slowly. It was a little small for a coyote, and it’s eyes were like black holes – no reflection when we hit it with light. As if there was nothing there – not even a reflective tapetum.

After some discussion, we decided it was probably a pooka or other similar creature – a karmic omen. A reminder that what you put out comes back to you.”

harveyThis was a very unnerving thing to see. And it really did move unnaturally. It’s legs were blurred, and despite the speed it “flowed” along, back staying completely level the entire time. As we passed, we saw the lack of tracks in the dirt on the road, and the unnatural eyes…or, rather, eye sockets.

Now, those familiar with old movies may have heard of a Pooka before. The movie Harvey is about one man’s relationship with an invisible six-foot-tall rabbit named Harvey – a Pooka.

Pookas go by many names in different mythologies, but mostly they are mischievous creatures that take a liking to certain people – or serve as omens and karmic reminders that if you don’t pass on good fortune, you may have something bad befall you.

This being said, after seeing the Pooka-coyote and figuring out what it likely was, we stopped at a 7-11, and bought a pizza. We then gave the pizza to a local homeless man we’d seen around before. It seemed to make his night – a warm meal in a cold middle-of-the-night. We both felt we’d fulfilled the karmic requirement of the Pooka, and we haven’t seen the creature since despite driving that road at similar times, many times since.

Another creepy experience occurred much more recently, but again in the middle of the night during a drive home – this time from a medical dispensary where we had been picking up my wife’s medication. The following is the Facebook post from that experience.

As you can see, this was a very visceral experience for both of us. The ghost, if that’s what it was, scared both of us fairly badly, and we kept talking about it on the way home. I now believe this ghost was a bit of an omen as well…because that very night, after we got home, my wife had her eighteenth TIA in three years, thanks to the fact that we hadn’t been able to afford her medication for a few days and, though we had just picked it up, she’d been on seriously reduced amounts for the previous week.

Was the ghost an omen? Were we visited by a ghost or spirit on that freeway? Or was it really just some weird hallucination? If it was, then why did we both see it?

Then, just last week, I saw what I believe may have been a UFO. It was a blue light, unblinking, flying along above the horizon line as my wife and I sat at the beach late one night, looking out over the water. It moved too fast to be a boat, was too low to be a plane, and didn’t blink or change color the way plane lights do. There was a plane flying the other way at the same time, much higher, but I could tell it was a plane.

Then, as it reached the shaft of moonlight extending out over the water, it suddenly blinked. It blinked three times, appearing and disappearing as it covered an estimated three thousand feet. Then it winked out and disappeared. We watched for it for a good hour after that – it never came back.nightfreeway

Now there are lots of things it could’ve been, but it’s only the second unexplained thing I’ve seen in the sky in my life. And my mother was born in Roswell, New Mexico, so I’ve kind of always been aware that there’s weird stuff out there. The other thing was a bright green explosion and flash that I was the only one in the car to witness as I was sitting in the back seat staring out the side window while my wife and her sister talked in the front seat. This was about eight years ago.

No other cars or anything reacted to it, and I was terrified for a few minutes, expecting to hear a bomb go off or something. Nothing ever came of it. But I’m not the only one to have seen odd things like that in this area of California, so I once again must chalk it up to something odd, and move on.

Join me next week for an examination of our beloved pets and their connections to the strange and paranormal! On Halloween itself, my Patrons will be given a brand new horror/scary story, and this blog will update with a final Ominous October post – this one about parallel universes and what happens when the world changes around you.

Do you have any creepy experiences to share? Ghosts? Pookas? UFOs? Let me know about it in the comments!

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