[TAE – Ominous October] Piercing The Veil

Monday, October 24, 2016

As I’ve written about these last few weeks, I’ve always had paranormal experiences. In fact, it’s such a constant part of my life that, like my therianthropy, I find it very hard to imagine what it would be like to have never had these experiences.

However, there are people out there who have never experienced anything paranormal – and some of those people would like to.

Now, I am not advocating the use of things like ouiji boards or seances or anything like that – you can’t know what you’re messing with when you try those things. I do not recommend or endorse meddling with those things in any circumstances.

However, what I am advocating is the keeping of an open mind.

Yes, it is actually that simple.

Let yourself be open to the possibility that the paranormal is out there, just beyond normal perception. Let yourself relax and think about other people’s experiences. Keep in mind that we consider the paranormal “spooky” for a reason – most of the experiences people have are frightening. With that in mind, if you are open to it happening, eventually you will have some sort of experience.

I have literally never heard of anyone who let themselves be open who didn’t eventually have some sort of experience or encounter. Even if it is as simple as hearing a voice in the dark, a scream in a cemetery, or feeling the vague presence of a departed loved one or pet, most people will experience something paranormal in their life time.

Much like therianthropy, people who have these experiences have a profound sense that they may be the only one who’s ever experienced something like it. This leads to them being closed-mouthed about the experience and as such, unless they encounter a similar story written by someone else (and in the age of the internet, that’s more likely than not, these days), people have a tendency not to talk about it.HalloweenBg-FreeDigitalPhotos-net

The truth is, from what I’ve seen and the people I’ve talked to, a large percentage of the population has experienced something paranormal in their lifetime. Even if it was as “simple” as an answered prayer, which has happened to my parents multiple times over the years, or as profound as a personal visitation from a deceased loved one – something I have experienced personally many times with several different relatives at this point.

That being said, it’s also possible that you’ve already had a paranormal experience, and written it off as something normal. The human brain is exceedingly good at rationalizations. As a movie (The Big Chill, I believe) once said, “When was the last time you went a week without a good rationalization?” You hear a voice in the middle of the night and blame a dream, or your mind playing tricks on you. You see a shadow person and blame it on a trick of the light or your eyes being tired. You hear the sound of a deceased pet’s tag jingling as they trot around the house and blame it on wishful thinking and vivid memory.

The truth is that all of these things could be paranormal experiences. The truth is also that they could just as easily be exactly what your brain tells you they are – coincidences, mind tricks, illusions, and hallucinations. Still, there are enough stories out there – and even videos at this point – that make it hard to deny that there’s something else out there, beyond our perception. And if you want to experience it, keep your mind open and don’t immediately write off anything that happens. This is how we begin to pierce the veil.

Just keep in mind that once you’ve breached that veil…it likely will never close again. Be careful what you wish for – you just might get it.

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What paranormal experiences have you had? What do you want to have? Is there anything you absolutely would NOT want to experience? Let me know in the comments!


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