These Ancient Eyes: Blog Fail…

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I need to be actually writing blogs more. It’s not that I have no idea what to blog about – it’s the opposite, actually. I keep having great ideas, not being in a place where I can start blogging about them right that instant, and when I get home I’ve either forgotten entirely or the meat of the post idea is just gone. ┬áThis has resulted in me only doing little stupid link blogs in the last month, and I feel horrible about it. So here’s my attempt to throw an update blog with some actual meat to it.

So, let’s go into some personal updates! For the first time in several years, I have short hair! I need to take some new pics for Facebook and stuff. It isn’t overly-short. Just a little less than shoulder length in back, and I have my bangs again. Lona and I went and got our haircuts at the same time, so that was nice. I’ve gotten back into going to the library and picking out regular books rather than just doing the ebook thing through the digital library because, well, let’s face it – unless something drastic changes soon, the e-libraries will never have the full selection of the physical ones. And sometimes it is nice to just hold a real book in your hands.

I’ve been trying to find time to work on my own books again. So far I’ve been only moderately successful, as my writing muse is a fickle thing and at the moment we seem to be having a lover’s spat. Much like my talent for blog writing, it seems to only be showing up when I’m actually incapable of acting on it – utterly frustrating. ┬áMy artwork is the same, though I’m having a bit more luck with that and getting old owed commissions out. I am open for commissions again, as well as having my $5 Therian Icon Sale still going on.

In gaming news, the release for World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria is a month and a week away as of today. I’m excited, and also looking forward to the patch next week, even though it’ll completely change the talent system, the glyph system, and quite a few stats as well. I haven’t been playing much with the exception of doing Argent Tournament dailies on Kalitri and earning more mounts, looking forward to when they go account wide, and sometimes bumming around on Ionaria, my troll druid. I’ve been playing a bit more of Zynga games, mostly on their site, though I play on Facebook from time to time as well. And I’ve gotten into an Android game on my phone called Dark Summoner that’s a bit like a cross between Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh. I’m enjoying that.

Lona and I are currently car-less, having sold the Jeep when costs of keeping it running outweighed it’s usefulness in a massive way. I was very sad to see it go, but it really was for the best. We’re still looking into moving, though now our sights are set a bit higher than the around-the-corner apartments we’d been looking at. I hesitate to say more for risk of accidentally putting a universal kibosh on it, so just send us good thoughts and we’ll be on our way eventually.

I think that’s about it as far as personal updates go for now. No, this wasn’t a particularly massive update, and it did draw my attention to the fact that I need to trim my fingernails, as my fingers keep typing the key above the key I want to type. So I’m going to do that soon.

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