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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So there hasn’t been a post from me in a very, very long time. Yeah, I’m aware of this. This is partially due to the fact that thanks to a wordpress update, I can’t seem to get into my site through anything other than the android mobile app on my phone. This has made posting and cross-posting blogs a bit difficult and it wasn’t until today and some help from Nyx Goldstone that I finally realized I could pull it off. It just takes a bit more potchkeying than I’m used to.

Anyway! On to the actual update!

A couple of posts back, I blogged a request for donations to help me get my art back up and underway. As of yesterday, this has finally paid off as I got together enough money to get my software and hardware and am now the proud owner of a new Bamboo Connect tablet! I did some practice drawings yesterday in photoshop and let me tell you, it feels SO GOOD to be able to art again!

I owe a few people commissions now, and a couple of thank-you-gifts, but once I clear my commissions list I will be open and offering more types of commissions than ever before!

January is the month of Prosperity, and I see it everywhere I go, it seems. Starting with my return to the ability to release the art that has been locked up inside of me for years, and continuing into a prosperous new year and all the possibilities it entails. I’ll be blogging more frequently again as I move along through this year, and eventually I’ll get the rest of the story of my roadtrip from last year out as well (that’s a promise!), but before I can do that I have to be able to get into my website through normal means, as I can’t post my photo galleries to the blog without being able to enter the site on my computer rather than my phone. So right now that’s still a bit of a roadblock.

In other news, randomly at about six am this morning, I regained my positivity and my happy after it being missing for…well, quite some time. I’m going to be working out regularly, getting my body in shape (and getting rid of the edema in my legs that’s been caused by alternating colds and asthma attacks not allowing me to get up and move around enough lately), and working out always makes me feel good. I’m working on a life-schedule so I have time to take care of all the things I want to every day.

I had a strange epiphany while playing The Sims 3 (I want the Pets expansion SO BAD) the other day. When I used to play The Sims 2, I always played with a cheat. I’d never been able to balance the Sim’s need for rest and food with all their other desires. I played through a whole week in Sims 3 without a cheat and for the first time in my life I had the realization that The Sims is very realistic for a REASON. I had to get my little person into a routine that allowed her time to get a full night’s sleep, to eat at least twice a day (I say at least because I’m fairly certain she ate at work for lunch, but I didn’t “see” that), and to take care of her household and personal chores, while still having time to work on her writing and other fun things she wanted to do. As I played through this week I realized that what I needed to do for myself is exactly what I was doing for this Sim that was based on me.

So thanks to Google Tasks and a related app for my phone to help me keep track, I’ve put myself on a schedule. Not random alarms that I’ll shut off and not remember what they were supposed to be for, but actual CHECK boxes that lead me through what I need to do on a regular basis. But I’m not making the mistake I’ve made so many times before – I’m not writing down EVERY LITTLE THING that I need to do every day, to the point that my to-do list becomes overwhelming and I start my lazy pattern of shirking EVERYTHING for feeling overwhelmed. No, this is a new year and this is a new me, and from now on I’m getting this RIGHT.

Thanks to Lona, every month I have something new to meditate upon to help me keep my positive and my happy. I will control when I go to bed, and I will NOT allow random second-winds to keep me up until six in the morning and throw off my pattern for weeks at a time. I will have a cup of coffee when I feel like I’m flagging, and I WILL eat more than once a day. I will be eating less salt, and drinking more water. I will make time each day to work on artwork and commissions. I will NOT force myself to work on something until it becomes something I no longer want to do – I will want to work on it as long as I work on it, and I will work on it as long as I want to, to paraphrase Grandpa’s normal toast. (May you live as long as you want to – and want to as long as you live.)

So hello 2012! You are going to be an amazing year, and I can’t wait to see what you bring! Prosperity! Love! Charity! Passion! Sentiment! And SO much more!

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