These Ancient Eyes: I Predicted….Ebooks?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

When I was about seven years old, I had a dream that I remember vividly to this day. In the dream, once you were issued a library card, there was some sort of tube system hooked up to your house. When you wanted to return a book, you’d drop it into this vacuum tube thing, and it would go back to the library. Contrariwise, when you wanted to check a book out, you’d swipe your library card through a thing like a credit card reader, and somehow, the book you wanted would plop out of another tube.

I remember the dream, and I also remember telling my mom about it the next day while she was drying my hair. I think we had some sort of conversation about how some of the fun of the library would be lost in a situation like that, since you’d have to already KNOW the book you wanted to check it out, and there wasn’t a chance to discover anything new or even just sit at the library and read for a few hours. I can’t be sure though that this wasn’t something I thought about later, however I do know that I remember the dream. I think I might have had versions of it later that changed the delivery system a bit, but overall stayed with the same basic idea.

Tonight, I had the sudden realization that the dream itself was kind of prophetic.

Hear me out – stupid thing to have a prophesy about, yes? But still – I’ve had déjà vu occurrences repeatedly where I’d perform an action and realize as I DID it that I knew how it was going to come out, and then remember dreaming a similar situation some time earlier. All dumb things – dropping a pencil, a conversation involving several people…The closest thing that’s ever come to being anything useful was noting in a dream a couple of years ago that a conversation I was having with my fiancée and her mother didn’t include her father, and wondering WHY…and then late last year I HAD that conversation with them – and dad wasn’t present because he’d passed away the previous year. But if the universe was trying to warn me of that, it really could’ve picked some clearer ways – and a situation that didn’t involve a mundane conversation that occurred over a year after he’d passed away.

So I obviously don’t have a prophetic gift, however the reason I think of it as BEING prophetic anyway comes from hearing people talk about the bible, in particular the book of Revelation, as I was growing up. A common concept is that the things described in that book are not exactly what the writer said, but rather his interpretation of the things he was seeing, that didn’t make sense to his mind because he was seeing the world of the future. Imagine what an atomic bomb blast, or a giant video screen, or even a modern day TV and computer set up or something as common as a car might have looked like to someone in the early 100 A.D.’s.

To come back to my dream and the weird realization I had tonight. See, a little after midnight tonight, I finished a library book on my e-reader. I took it over to the computer, hooked it up, opened Adobe Digital Editions, and clicked the “return” option on the book. Just like that, it was gone from my e-inventory.  As I went to the site to hunt down the next book in the series and check it out for download, I suddenly remembered the dream. I saw myself, seven or eight years old, sticking my Hank The Cowdog book into the “chute” in my dream, and watching it get sucked away, then going over to the other chute to scan my library card and retrieve the next book in the series.

Not a direct prophesy, obviously, but there’s no doubt that the situation in my dream definitely came true! And, I both returned and checked out a library book a little after midnight on a Sunday, just to make it even MORE convenient.

So what does it mean that I have dreams and things like this? Probably a whole lot of nothing. I am a bit more tapped into the inner workings of things than the average person, or so I like to think, but just once…Only once…could I maybe dream next week’s lottery numbers?

Yeah. When that happens, THEN I’ll be excited. For now? I’m off to read my next e-book. I’d better hurry – I have to return it in twelve days.

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