These Ancient Eyes: Time To Get Up!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Last night, or rather, this morning, I had a very strange dream.

The dream started as a strange…Godzilla-like Japanese movie in which there were these two monsters, one of which was a big reptile and the other was more like a giant moth (but I swear, it was NOT Godzilla OR Mothra – I know what they look like), and they were battling in a large city. I didn’t interact with anyone, so I’m not sure if I was actually “there” for this part of the dream or if I was (as I am in quite a few of my dreams) in the role of the camera.

Then, as I was watching, the lizard thing tore it’s claws into the moth’s body and ripped it open. But instead of bug guts, something that looked like… stuffing…came pouring out. I turned away from the huge tide of polyfil stuffing and dove through a door, kicking it shut behind me. I was obviously now physically IN the dream, whereas before I’m fairly sure I was just a camera.

Inside this room, there was a young, beautiful asian girl. If I had to guess, I’d say she was Japanese, but I really am not a good judge of race. Her hair was long and raven black, flowing, and she was wearing some sort of white, lacy dress. Her legs and arms were bare, and so were her feet. I can still see her fairly clearly in my mind’s eye.

She was sitting, curled up on the floor, and looked up at me. I felt my heart start pounding and I backed up against the door – her eyes were solid, obsidian black. Shiny, no pupils or whites visible at all – just black. And then she started to change.

At first, I thought she was shape-shifting into a snake. Her neck became long and weavy, and her arms and legs started lengthening as well, as her body thinned out – but she didn’t change more than that. She was a living human-vine-creature, white alabaster skin reflecting the light of the room – the only black was her eyes and her hair. She weaved her head on an impossibly long neck toward me and hissed, opening her mouth and revealing a mouthful of twisted teeth like the Weeping Angels’.

I was frightened now – can you blame me? That was freaking disturbing. I grabbed the doorknob behind me and the door opened backwards, letting me out. I slammed it behind me but I could hear an eerie voice singing (I think it was vine-woman), “Now you’ve done it… here he comes!”

I started running, and as I have done in dreams for most of my life, I drop-shifted to wolf and kept running. I suddenly became aware of being followed, however, and I kept catching glances of a reddish feline shape never very far from me – and it seemed to be getting bigger.

The rest of the dream is kind of a blur. I remember rapidly shapeshifting from wolf to hawk to owl to fish back to wolf again, trying to lose my persuer, but he kept coming. I was vaguely aware that he was calling himself “Loki,” though I doubt it was actually a Norse god chasing me through the area around where I used to live in Houston. But eventually I was exhausted and I turned to face him. It was at this moment that I woke up and became aware of one very, very important thing.

I had to go to the bathroom.

I should’ve guessed, honestly. Even if I go right before bed, I always wake up in six hours needing to go again, and if I IGNORE it and go back to sleep? I have a nightmare. I rarely have nightmares at ALL otherwise – in fact, every time I have, it’s turned out to be a warning of something rather than just a random nightmare. Except when I decide to opt for sleep over getting up an hour or two earlier than I have to (because generally once I’m up, I’m up, no matter how long I’ve slept). Then, it’s just my body trying to shock me awake so I’ll go to the bathroom already.

All I can say is… seriously, brain? You can’t come up with a less disturbing way of saying, “Hey! It’ time to get up!”

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