These Ancient Eyes: Wonderful Student/Horrible Student

Monday, April 18, 2011

There are times when I am an absolutely wonderful student. There’s no doubt in my mind that I am, at the very least, a NATURAL student. I am most at home when I’m learning new things, for whatever reason, and I take to information like a duck to water. Or a dire wolf to cold weather, as the case may be.

However, there are times, especially when it comes to time management, when I am an absolutely horrible student. Case-in-point. I have an exam this morning, and I chose to update my website yesterday rather than reading the articles assigned.

Now, I’m excellent at speed-reading, and this IS an open book test. However, that doesn’t change that it’s a horrible habit to get in to, and in any other class it would probably get me a failing grade. But this is Anthropology – I know this stuff. I just need to work a bit at… well… focus on studying.

This weekend, I HAVE to write my Zoo Project paper. I need to. It’s very important. I will NOT let myself be distracted by ANYTHING.

That’s another thing. I’m bad at getting distracted… Like right now. I should be heading off to school, not writing a blog entry. But it’s Monday, and as I have a test, I won’t have time to write an entry from class the way I usually do. So I’m determined to keep my posting schedule on track – therefore, I’m posting.

However, this DOES beg the issue of WHY my website and my blog have priority over my school. The honest answer is, they don’t. I am, however, horrible at time management.

That being said, I’m wrapping up this post and heading off to school now. Wish me luck on the exam!

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