Tooth & Arrows: Destylae – Classic Dungeonmaster!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two nights ago, I was looking for something to do on WoW, and these days when I’m not rep grinding for mounts, that means going through the achievement list and seeing what else I can get. And it was then that I realized I had 3 dungeons left before I would get the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement. Dire Maul, Stratholme, and Sholomance. All level 40-60 dungeons.

So, last night, after some running around and discovering that the key I thought I needed to get into the parts of Dire Maul I hadn’t been in previously had been removed from the game, along with heavy reliance upon maps and a couple of helpful text guides so I could find my way through the instance sections, and the “King Of Dire Maul” achievement was mine.

I was actually surprised how easy all 3 dungeons were. Within four hours of deciding to do this (and that’s with a lot of getting lost – this is one of the reasons I don’t tank… I can’t ever remember the way through an instance until I’ve been through it a LOT), I had the Classic Dungeonmaster Achievement. Which, if you ask me, should come with a title. Because I did at least 60% of those dungeons solo, and THAT should also count for something.

But, then again, achievements wouldn’t feel as special if you got them all the time for every little thing. So while some are easy and silly, others have to be difficult, and they can’t give you achievements for every tiny thing. Which I understand. However, this has opened something new up for me. I’ve officially started farming for one of the rarest drops in the game – the Baron’s undead steed at the end of Stratholme… Because most of the mobs don’t even TOUCH me and I can practically walk right through them. So getting to the Baron and farming him a few times a day for his mount won’t be difficult at all.

So, another long set of achievements down. I wonder if I can solo classic Raids… I’ll have to look into that, next.

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