[Tooth & Arrows] A YouTube Video

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thought I might share this here.

I’m entering TheHunter’s tutorial contest, so I thought I’d share this here as well. I’ve been told that I’m a bit too verbose for how long the words are on the screen – but it’s a youtube video. I have to pause videos to read people’s captions all the time. 😛


  1. F E Ward says:

    Was minding my own business, enjoying your game descriptions, thinking how peaceful it is to walk out in the wilderness. And how much sense you make, even to me.
    Had my earphones from the computer on but looked away at what on TV just before you fired the shot. Made me jump and my heart skip a beat or two 😛 !!!
    Will have to remember to turn my earphone volume or off !
    That is a very good tutorial. Think I could probably do it myself after that. Had to pause with the longer texts to read more easily.
    You should get donations for this kind of detailed help. Good job!!!

    1. Tygerwolfe says:

      Well, maybe I’ll win the contest! The prize is the equivalent of $40. 🙂

      1. F E Ward says:

        Hope you will win! That would be awesome!!! =D

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