Tooth & Arrows: Brewmaster Of Disappointment

Friday, October 7, 2011

Wow’s Ocktoberfest-alike, Brewfest, ended this past Wednesday. One of the mechanics of the holiday is that there is a “holiday boss” accessable through the Dungeon Finder. On your first kill each day of the holiday, you receive an extra “treasure” contained in a “keg-shaped treasure chest.” In this chest, you can find one of five things – a dagger, a mace, two unique mounts (Brewfest Kodo and Brewfest Ram), or…. nothing. Or, rather, not nothing. But a few Brewfest tokens, the holiday currency, and around 25 Justice Points – average for killing a boss.

Being the mount-aholic I am, I dutifully went every single day of the holiday, killed the boss, collected my reward, and opened it. All but 1 day (on which I received the dagger – ironically the day after I’d gotten something better than it and so couldn’t use it anymore), I received the latter prize – that is, tokens and JP.

Now, this could just be luck-of-the-draw – and in all honesty, it is. However, I’m a BIT steamed. See…. Everyone else I know got a mount once during the holiday. There were people in chat complaining of having gotten the same mount 3 days in a ROW. Lona got the Ram, Nyx got the Kodo, Kata got a Ram, my friend Enya got a Ram.. But no mount for me. Now I’m happy for Lona, who I know is working toward the 100 Mounts achievement (more feverishly than I am, honestly, as she has the Nether Rays, which I don’t yet, and she will have the Tol Barad drake in another day or so)… But it just felt unfair that I didn’t get a mount.

Yes, I am complaining about a random number generator that refused to generate a number in my favor. 😛 NO, I’m not actually angry, and I know there’s always next year.

In the mean time, I look forward to this month’s holiday, Hallows End, and I hope to lay my hands on the Headless Horseman’s mount which will drop from HIS treasure chest (I predict “pumpkin shaped”. :P). Every mount I get is one step closer to the Blue Dragonhawk that is my eventual goal. I know I’ll get there eventually. But the way I’m going, Lona will be tooling around on hers months before I get there.

Then again, I only have 4 steps left on “What A Long Strange Trip…”, which will reward me with something I’ve long sought after: a proto-drake. And I’ll eventually work up the patience to camp the Time-Lost Proto-Drake for days and days until it decides to show itself to me. And I’ll keep leveling Archaeology in the hopes of obtaining the fossil raptor mount (seeing Lona with hers makes me jealous – I’M the paleontologist, dangit! 😛 ) And I’ll eventually grind up the patience to finish the dang Sha’tari Skyguard grind for the Nether Rays (at which point, I swear, I am NEVER going into Outland again if I can help it… not unless they do something to streamline it or whatever… as it is, it’s my least favorite area and makes the slog from L60 to L70 absolutely intolerable for me – which is why my characters seem to get stuck there since I don’t like dungeoning, and if I want to get through that 10 levels without questing, that’s kind of how I have to do it).

All things said and done, I’m still making progress on that achievement… and there may be an Ancient Eyes post later this weekend, because a LOT of stuff has happened since my last post and I feel the need to catch up. But right now, I’m going to go back to my homework. Blogging was a nice break, but right now Stats has my attention and priority.

And that, at least, is a certain probability. 😉

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