Tooth & Arrows: Dalaran – City Of Emptiness…

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Destylae is working her way toward the “the Noble” title, for this year’s Noblegarden. We have completed every achievement save one – “Shake Your Bunny-Maker.” The object of this achievement is to use the Spring Flowers item to place bunny ears on the heads of a female PC (player character) of every race but Goblin and Worgen.

In the Pre-Cataclysm days, this was fairly easy. You’d do your own faction in the main home city (Stormwind for Alliance, Ogrimmar for Horde), and then head to the neutral Sanctuary of the day (Shattrath City in Outland for the Burning Crusade expansion, ¬†and then Dalaran in Crystalsong Forest for Wrath) to find the requirements for the other faction.

Cataclysm has made this difficult in that there… isn’t a Sanctuary for the highest level players. The closest you get is Tol Barad, and you get marked PVP just for entering it. I decided to go to Dal to try and find my required opposing faction women, figuring SOME people must still use it, right?

Wrong. The gorgeous city that used to be affectionately known as Da-lag-ran, thanks to so many players being on and causing a huge amount of lag, is now more like Da-lone-ran… In that I am currently the only player in the zone.

Now, I have found both a Blood Elf and an Undead here. This isn’t completely without hope or reason. However, it’s just so striking the difference. When I was of level to be questing for exp in Northrend, Dal was my central hub. My hearthstone was set here for such a long time, I can hardly remember a time when it wasn’t. But now? If I /yell-ed, there would probably be an echo.

Come on… I just need an Orc, a Tauren, and a Troll… That can’t be SO hard… I’m this close to pulling the trick I did accidentally last night and riding on top of the blimp from Brill INTO Ogrimmar, and trying to find them that way.

Drat. That Tauren was male. Double drat, now I have a five minute cool down to wait through…

This title is getting more annoying by the second.

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