Tooth & Arrows: Epic Moment…

Friday, May 6, 2011

My brother-by-love, Kata, has a level 85 Worgen Death Knight. As a tanking, Hero Class, he’s incredibly powerful and VERY good at what he does.

Tonight, my Hatari and I beat him in a one-on-one duel.

I don’t usually PVP, as I’ve mentioned repeatedly, but Lona had never healed on her Pally before, and we were about to do a 4 man run of Utegarde Pinnacle in order to get the Children’s Week achievement Hail To The King, Baby!, in which you must beat the last boss of that dungeon, with your Orphan out with you. (As of completing that, I only have ONE more achievement to complete… the ever-annoying School Of Hard Knocks, and I only have 2 more PVP objectives to complete ON that achievement before I’m done. I’ll get it in the next 2 days for sure.)

Anyway, Lona wanted to test her healing, so Kata and I agreed to duel, with her healing him. Only we didn’t quite take into account just how much damage I, as a high end Beast Mastery Hunter with a powerful Ferocity pet at my side, can actually DO when I throw everything I have at one target.

I did a lot of moving around, and didn’t even DO most of the damage, though I know for a fact that it was my Kill Shot that won the round- most of the damage he took came from Hatari, well-timed Kill Commands, his Hamstring ability, and a few well aimed shots from me. THe point being – with a Pally focused on healing HIM… I won the duel.

I was… shocked. I went running around to see why Hatari was back at my side again.. and I saw Furfur (Kata’s Worgen DK), sitting down to eat and heal. Kata is the best gamer in the house… Probably the best gamer I’ve ever MET. He beat Portal 2 in a little under a day, and I was amazed. He was the first of us to cap, and it was before Cataclysm came out. He once earned 10,000 gold in less than 2 days, because he wanted his flying speed maxed and he wanted it NOW.

SO the fact that me, a fairly unexperienced gamer, could actually BEAT him… I don’t even know what to think. Other than that, once again, I am VERY happy with Hatari.

My very, very best friend in WoW world, Hatari the Hyena, I love him. 😛

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