Tooth & Arrows: For The First Time EVER!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I’ve played a lot of video games in which “leveling” was the main focus. Primarialy, Pokemon, and various RPGs and MMORPGs. Never, though, have I ever leveled a character all the way to “level cap,” that is… As high as you can level it. The point where experience becomes a moot point, and you’re as far with that character as you can get, as far as getting more powerful in any way other than through gear or moves.

Until tonight.

Tonight, Destylae, my Draenai Hunter on the Galakrond server in World Of Warcraft, capped. She is level 85, and it happened while fighting her way through the guts of a huge Sarlac-like monster in the Twilight Highlands zone.

This is a huge deal for me, because I’ve been playing the game for going on 2 years. Now, granted, Des wasn’t my first character. My first character was Kalitri, the Night Elf Druid who I lost interest in by the time I reached level 30, and was then on to playing Des. She was my second character that I leveled past 20. I tried mage, I tried warrior, I tried paladin, I tried pretty much everything, and at the time, humans couldn’t be Hunters. So I became a Draenai.

For over a year, I’ve fought my way through the game. Through achievements, through levels, and then through the biggest disaster to hit Azeroth – the launch of Cataclysm.

Shortly after Cata’s launch, by the way, I deleted Kalitri the Night Elf druid and remade her as a Worgen. I LOVE playing her now. The class changes that came with Cataclysm got rid of the issues I’d had playing her, and being a Worgen just feels RIGHT (yeah, big surprise, me, a werewolf, feels right? 😛 ). So it isn’t like I’m out of things to do now that Des has capped. But I’m just SO thrilled that I made it! I capped a character!

I had another thing to talk about in this entry, however, and that’s one of the last quests I did in Twilight Highlands before deciding to abandon the zone for awhile to get ready for the Noblegarden event that starts on Sunday.

The quest requires you to take these seeds and plant them at the bodies of large, dead dragons, at which point the plants you plant will “bury” the dragons properly. Now this is all good and respectful – except that there weren’t any dead dragons in the area.

There were, however, dragons that were dying and under attack by their enemies (and therefore, MY enemies, as I was allied with this particular dragonflight). Everything in me said “attack the enemies, save the dragons!” Except, in order to complete the quest… I had to have dead dragons.

I rose into the air on the wings of my Albino Drake, and watched as dragon after dragon met their slow, agonizing death. I couldn’t help. I could do NOTHING. Not without failing the quest. I had to sit there and watch my allies die, just so I could play undertaker.

I’ve never encountered a quest that I’ve hated before. I’ve encountered exciting, thrilling, terrifying, thought-provoking quests, in my 85 levels. But I have never before encountered a quest that I hated. I did tonight.

Blizzard, here’s an idea – I know that the concurrent quest requires dragons to be under attack so you can save them. But could you please just have some already dead dragons spawn, rather than forcing your heroes to stand back and away from innocents having their lives stolen, just to complete a quest?

I felt kind of dirty after that. I abandoned my remaining quest (I can always go back and finish the story line later), and exited the zone.

But the main point is that Destylae is at level cap now!!

At least… until the next expansion…

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