Tooth & Arrows: Hatari – It means “danger” in Swahili…

Monday, April 18, 2011

Why the impromptu language lesson, you ask? Especially on a gaming blog? Well, I’ll tell you. See, Hatari is the name of my Draenai Hunter’s Hyena. He’s my primary pet, and has been with me since level 33, when I caught him out in the old Thousand Needles, where he was originally Snapjaw, the now no longer existing hyena boss of the area.

I couldn’t ask for a more loyal pet. But today, he did something that even shocked me – and it all started with me being a bit of an idiot.

I was working on the beginning of the Twilight Highlands quest string, discovering the corruption in Stormwind. There was a bishop who was really a high level in the Twilight Cult (just as scary as Twilight FANS, even), right in the middle of the city – in the catacombs under the church.

So, I went down with Hatari at my side. We fought through the mobs between us and the Bishop, and then took him down together.

Now, pulling out of the game – Before I could turn and leave the room where we’d killed the bishop, Nyx got my attention with something in the real world. So I got distracted. I clicked back onto the game to find that the Bishop had respawned, attacked me, and Hatari was single-handedly (paw-ed-ly?) fighting him. He was a level higher than us at the time, and I decided to take the route of the time-honored pirate tradition… and run away.

So I ran. None of the other mobs had respawned, and I figured when I got far enough away, Hatari would despawn, which would let me resummon him to me again, and continue on our way. However, it’s what happened next that made me realize just how aptly named my old friend is.

I still had the bishop selected, and wasn’t far enough away for that to have disappeared by the time I made it back to the first floor of the church. And what shocked me was that his health was almost halfway down – and Hatari’s didn’t look like it had even been TOUCHED. So rather than continue to run until my pet despawned, I stood there and waited. After all, I could easily rez him if he died in the fight, just as easily as I could summon him. So I waited… And I watched the Bishop’s health go down, while Hatari’s stayed VERY high.

It took him longer than it took both of us to take down the bishop together, but… My pet is strong enough to kill a mob a level higher than him, ALONE. He killed the bishop, and came running up the stairs a few seconds later, to join me in the church hall.

I fed him a smoked talbuck venison, even though he didn’t need to eat… I just felt he deserved a treat. Because if nothing else, he proved just how freaking dangerous he IS, on his own.

Together? Nothing can beat us.

Good boy, Hatari.

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