Tooth & Arrows: LFR Conqueror & Other Updates

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I’ve come a long way since I was afraid of dungeons in WoW. Admittedly I haven’t come far enough that the concept of going into a dungeon that I’ve never been in before alone isn’t something that scares me, but I’ve still come a long way.

With the recent WoW patch, the “Endgame” portion of Cataclysm was introduced. The last three major dungeons that set up the final raid in which Deathwing meets his end and the threat he presents to Azeroth is averted. This patch also added something completely new to the game – the Looking For Raid feature. It works much like the random dungeon finder, but on a larger scale, building a group of two tanks, five healers, and seventeen DPS to create a 25 man Raid Group, and then you go through a simplifed version of the Dragon Soul raid – the Deathwing fight.

Since it came out, my brother’s been running it on his awesome Mage, Skyfox. Β He knew the fights, knew what we needed to do – it was just a matter of the other three of us getting proper gear from the new Heroic dungeons so we would have access.

Within the last week, Nyx, Lona, and I have all gotten enough Heroic gear that the Raid Finder would let us in. And so began my first raid.

The Dragon Soul raid is broken up into two seperate pieces – the seige of Wyrmrest Temple, and then the Fall of Deathwing. We did them in order, doing Wyrmrest first, taking down a bunch of mini-bosses, flying on drake-back between them. It was quite epic, and within the first few moments I realized I needed to down-grade my graphics settings. Everything was freezing and the lag was throwing my timing off. My computer was built to handle normal WoW at Ultra settings, but put in the high-particle density situation of a 25 man raid, the computer said “no”. I put the settings down to their lowest level, and then everything was fine. In the first half of the Raid, I didn’t even die.

In the second half, thanks to a miscommunication from a Raid Leader (“Hunters – taunt the drakes down!” …but…we don’t have a taunt… He was talking about using Distracting Shot to pull the flying drakes down to the tanks. But he wasn’t clear, and Kata hadn’t even experienced that before. The raid wiped, and people were angry – annoying because Nyx and I were two of the four hunters people were yelling at. But obviously none of us had known what to do, so we didn’t feel SO stupid), we had some issues at the beginning. But after that? It was beautiful.

We parachuted onto Deathwing’s back, working tirelessly to remove some of his Elementium and Titanium armor so that Thrall could take aim with the Dragon Soul and take him down. Deathwing fell into the Malestrom. Just when we thought he was defeated, he reared up – even falling apart, dying, he was still trying to destroy the world. The final phase of the raid involved forcing him to unhook from the rocks around the Maelstrom so that he could be destroyed for good. The only bit of him that made it through was a hunk of his jaw.

Now, I have a special relationship with Deathwing, of sorts. And even as we entered the raid, I made sure to pay him as much respect as possible. I /bow-ed to him, and /saluted him a few times through the course of the fight. My respect seems to have paid off, as I won the roll on my Best-In-Slot weapon that dropped from him after the fight. It made me very happy, and really the raid wasn’t very much worse than a dungeon – not even a heroic. Though I admit I’m not finding Heroics nearly as frightening as I used to. Now they’re a way to gain valor and level the Guild.

The awesomeness continued however, as the next day the five of us (Kata, Nyx, Lona, me, and our friend Colten) decided to see if we could 5-man Obsidian Sanctum to get the black drake mount to drop. Turns out we not only could do it, but we did it incredibly easily – we had that dragon down before his first lava wave came all the way up. We took him out in about 20 seconds, which has me wondering if we can pull off the version that’s designed for 25 man, since all that’s different is that his health is higher – two and a half times higher, which means we can probably take him out in about a minute. I say we try it. πŸ˜›

Last weekend (so much gaming news to catch up on!) I leveled my Druid the last five levels to hit 80 and enter Cataclysm content. I prioratized her over my DK only because I’ve leveled her from level 1, and it seemed cheating to have my 2nd 85 be a class that starts at L55. Today (my birthday) I get to game during the day, and I plan on working her up higher – maybe even hitting 85 today. Or at least in the next couple of weeks.

Simultaniously I finished the next-to-last World Holiday that I needed for the Long Strange Trip meta achievement, and my purple proto-drake. Love Is In The Air started, and I only had six more achievements to complete in order to get my drake. As of today, that’s down to 1. And I have everything I need for it. It’s just a matter of actually DOING it, which I’m going to do when everyone is available to come with me (so they won’t have to worry about doing this on their own when they decide to go for the holiday achievements, and so they’ll be with me when my two years of work comes down), which will probably be tomorrow evening. In the mean time, I have plenty of other things to work on in-game. I’m actively “Tol-ling the Barad,” as my brother says, once again working toward the two mounts that I can get that way. I’m also finally working with the Oracles in Sholazar Basin to get the Green Proto Drake (unless I get lucky with my first few Bear Tank Call To Arms rewards, that is), and spending a bit of each day farming Lovely Charms so I can do the Love Is In The Air dailies and save up to buy the Love Bird mount…AND at the SAME TIME, I’m gathering Darkmoon Faire tickets to save up for those mounts and pets.

So yeah, gaming gives me lots to do. πŸ˜› And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what I do for FUN. πŸ˜› You can only imagine what my work is like.

So, happy birthday to me today. I’m 29 years old. One year to 30. πŸ˜€ I’m excited, and I’m sure interesting things will happen over the course of the next couple of days. πŸ˜€

I already got a wonderful birthday present from my mom and dad – they got me a new bike with all the accessories! Now I can exercise in a way that won’t hurt me, even when I’m not at school. πŸ˜€ It’s wonderful and I love it. Thanks mom and dad!

There’ll probably be another birthday summary post at the end of the week, but considering that I started writing this blog last Friday, I think I’ve stalled enough. In other blog news, still working on the new series in my spare time, and I hope to post it this summer. πŸ™‚

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