Tooth & Arrows: Massacre – A DK Tanking Experience

Monday, July 4, 2011

Reyune is my 3rd Death Knight. On the same server. Yes, I know, you can only have one per server. 😛 The other two have been deleted. One without ever even getting out of the starting zone. But Reyune is different. He’s a Worgen, and… He’s awesome. I love his facial customization, I love his attitude… I really love him. I built him carefully, using a dual spec of Blood and Unholy, so he would be capable of tanking should I get up the nerve to do it. But, until last night, I hadn’t tanked at all as anything other than a Druid.

Then, again, my fiance nudged me. 😛 She had a healer who was right at Rey’s level range, and she’s working on leveling her currently. So she asked me to tank for her. I was freaking out at first, but she urged me. She’s been tanking on a DK at that level for awhile, so she gave me some quick pointers, we partied, and we queued.

I freaked out at first, but… No one died. And when I did die, it wasn’t my fault, it was actually that Lona hadn’t healed in awhile and she had some issues. Another time it was because she got silenced by a mob, but we actually never completely wiped. I was thrilled.

She then pointed out that she was a couple of levels above me, and I should probably do a little catching up before we continue, and get used to other healers so I wouldn’t be afraid to play the character without her. I agreed, we disbanded the party, and I queued solo.

I did just as well with the other healers! And, over the course of the night and several dungeons, I had a Hunter and a Warlock who insisted on pulling around me. And a Rogue that stealthed ahead of me and pulled – and I kept working well. I got stuff off of them, I held aggro, I Death Gripped things when they got too far away… I was GOOD.

I can now Tank as a DK and as a Druid… I’m actually impressed with me. 0.o Warrior’s my next learning curve, but I want to get my DK to L85, and my Druid to L60, as well. I have a lot of goals. It’s exciting. 🙂

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