Tooth & Arrows: Oh THAT’S Why…

Friday, July 15, 2011

So Nyx and I did some comparison today after I once again had crappy DPS in a dungeon, and we finally, FINALLY figured out what is wrong with me- my global cooldown is MUCH longer than hers. If she called out the rotation and I followed, I would run out of focus, trying to keep up with her, despite the fact that my haste was more than hers. It makes me wonder how slow I’d be if my haste was as low as hers.

But the ultimate culprit? My agility sucks. And I mean horribly. It was 2k below Nyx’s. No WONDER I couldn’t get off the DPS she could. Working my rotation on a single target, I was doing really well… but in the dungeon there’re these long moments when I’m just not firing because I’m out of focus or everything’s on cool down. I could do burst damage and cap out high, but then my DPS would crash, and for a lot longer, it would be low while I waited for my cool downs to reset.

So I’ve started gemming and enchanting my gear for agility – we’ll see how I do in a dungeon in another couple of days. I also made a note of gear I want to buy when I finish getting Exalted with the Cata factions.

So! Perhaps it isn’t a skill issue at all – perhaps I do NOT suddenly suck at being a Hunter… I can’t wait to see the DPS I’ll do in BM as well once I get my agility up where it should be.

Endgame? Please. I’m just getting started. 😀

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