Tooth & Arrows: On Wings Of Nether

Monday, May 16, 2011

Two weeks of daily grinding down, and today Destylae reached Exalted with the Netherwing faction!! Six Drakes came home to join my team toward the “Mountain O’ Mounts” achievement. Also, Aliandara (my shape-shifting white Talbuk) gained the new form of Azure Netherwing Drake, on top of her other two flight forms of Armored Snowy Gryphon and Albino Drake. I tested all the other colors – but while the Onyx is my favorite, Azure fit Alli better, so as long as she’s my mount, that’ll be one of the possibilities when I call for her in flight form.

I should really write down the bits of her story that I know so clearly. 😛 I need to stop thinking that I have to write Draenai as a linear novel and just write the bits I know. I can always combine it later.

Anyway, that’s another Exalted status to add to my collection of those as well. 😛 My current projects are now Therazane and Baradin Wardens. I’m also going to start the Sha’tari Skyguard quest chain, too – both in preparation for the Fa La La La La La Ogri’La achievement this Winter Veil, and to work toward the Nether Ray mount set as well. It should take a little over a month of those dailies, and any grinding I want to/have the patience to do in my free time.

I REALLY need to get to bed. I have a presentation in class in the morning, and a test tomorrow night… A FINAL. No more game thoughts for now! Night, all!

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