Tooth & Arrows: PVP Perils

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Right from one achievement string to another! I’m in the middle of another WoW holiday achievement string – this one is for Children’s Week, and a title I don’t particularly want: “Matron”. But it’s a necessary trip on the road to the “What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been” achievement which rewards the Violet Proto-Drake mount. Yes, I’m doing all of these, not just for the TITLES… but for the mount. Another drake to add to my collection of mounts.

Anyway, the achievements for Children’s Week involve taking little orphans (who manifest as non-combat pets) around to different places and letting them see different things, then doing other things with them. The most evil of the achievements is The School Of Hard Knocks.

This involves you running some PVP battlegrounds with your orphan out, and accomplishing specific goals. The only issue is… I don’t PVP. Not normally, anyway.

However, my first battleground, Eye Of The Storm, went REALLY well. I got the objective I needed, and then proceeded to not only help the Alliance win the battleground, but I got an insane number of compliments on the amount of damage my hyena did. No one had ever seen a Ferocity pet do that before – mostly Hunters bring pets from the Cunning family tree in to Battlegrounds – I brought a Ferocity… and he lived up to the family name.

I came off of that feeling off really good, and promptly queued for Arathi Basin, figuring I’d just rip through the other three just as easily. I was wrong. 0.o Had some issues, and one of them was a glitch, even.

However, I kept trying, and eventually got SOMETHING to work properly. I got 2 of the 4 battlegrounds out of the way last night. And here I go to attempt the other two again. Then a quick Guild Run of Utgarde Pinnacle, and another title will be mine. Then it’s on to the Midsummer Fire Festival in a few weeks!

Ah… I think I see why the achievement’s called “What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been…”. 😛

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