[Tooth & Arrows] Retro Gaming Wednesday #5

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I’ve been greatly enjoying these visits to my gaming past. But a recent situation over on a particular social media site has brought up to me exactly how retro certain games I’m playing ARE.

I love Spyro the Dragon. I’m enjoying streaming the game play, and I think everyone who’s watched me play on the streams has no complaints. It’s fun – no matter how old the game is. However, when I recently advertised my stream across social media, I encountered the first negative reaction to it that I have seen.

It started when one person responded to my announcement of the next day’s stream (and I am not going to give their username or state the social network on which this happened), with “WTF is that?” almost immediately followed it up with a “nvm,” and then a third comment saying that I should stream things like Grand Theft Auto 5 and other modern titles, rather than “trash like that.”

I, as is my habit when talking to trolls and anyone who approaches me with hatred and violent speech, responded politely and let them know that my laptop can’t handle playing games like that and streaming at the same time – and I don’t own or play any of the games he suggested I play. I went on to say that people seem to enjoy retro gaming, so I’m providing that service.

He responded again, once again antagonistically, saying that he’d never heard of Spyro and that it must be a shit game because of that. At this point, another member of the community butted in in defense, calling Spyro a classic and asking our antagonist exactly what his problem was.

The antagonist responded by saying if the game was so awesome, he’d see what the reviews had to say. Then almost immediately posted again with, “No reviews on Steam or anything! I was right all along – it’s shit!”

I, at this point, realized I was actually dealing with someone who was too young to realize that there have ever been games that wouldn’t be reviewed on Steam. This made me feel very old – I’ve watched the rise and domination of Steam, after all.

I did a quick google search and pulled up the Amazon page for the game, then linked it in the comments and politely informed the antagonist that if he wanted reviews, there were literally hundreds of positive reviews and fond reminiscences about playing the game on the original Playstation console. I also brought up the fact that the game was released in the late 199os, and therefore had never been on Steam – Steam didn’t exist when the game was new and hot.

This lead to several other people jumping onto the thread and laughing at the antagonist, who never commented again after that. Returning to the thread to refresh my memory before writing this up lead me to discover that his account had been deleted. I don’t think it was directly due to what he did there, but I have no doubt that someone who makes a point of going onto other people’s posts to do nothing but put down their chosen games or whatever they’re doing can be marked as a troll – and this troll appeared to have been forced back under his bridge.

If this experience taught me anything, it’s that anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good retro game is probably too young to have gotten to enjoy the game when it was new. So I look at my retro gaming streams as a great way to introduce new people to old, awesome games like Spyro.

I will be streaming another session of Spyro at 1:00pm PST today! I usually play for about an hour, and if I can swing it I’ll have my microphone on this time. I hope to see you all there!

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