Tooth & Arrows: Retro Wednesday #1

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A new segment for our blog here, and a teaser for the upcoming These Ancient Eyes blog series on my gaming life, I’m introducing Retro Wednesday! A day in which I will stream, talk about, and (if I manage to beat the game during the stream) have a video of a play through to go up on youtube, a particular title I played growing up!

For this very first one, we’re starting at the beginning  – for me. The first game I ever owned: The Lion King for the Sega Genesis console.

With Sega having just announced a portable Genesis coming this holiday season, I thought it was time to dig out my old cartridges and have some fun visiting the past. I watched a couple of other people’s video play throughs of this game in preparation for doing mine – only to discover that most people don’t bother taking the shortcuts or getting into the secrets.

Now, in this video, I missed two secrets – one in The Elephant Graveyard (level 3), and a short cut in Hakuna Matata (level 6). However, I believe I got the rest of them! So sit back, relax, and enjoy a fun romp through the retro, 16-bit, Pridelands!

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