[Tooth & Arrows] Retro Wednesday #2

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

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Welcome to Tygerwolfe’s Retro Wednesday #2; Sega Genesis: Pocahontas

This is a complete playthrough of Disney’s Pocahontas on Sega Genesis (I own the original console and the cartridge). The fun thing about this is that there’s a special extra piece to the ending of the game that you get to see if you collect all 4 pieces of Pocahontas’ necklace throughout the levels.

If you don’t, the ending of the game begins with her chasing the ship. So watch and enjoy the special extra piece to the ending!

This was one of my other favorite games, growing up. I loved the nature-aspect, as well as the animism/spiritualism of it, and the symbolism of the animals was fantastic. Like last week’s Retro Wednesday, I also enjoy the 16 bit renditions of classic Disney music!

This is not the streamed play-through, but a different one that I did a couple of days ago to refamiliarize myself with the game. Still, it does show everything!

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