[Tooth & Arrows] Retro Wednesday #3

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I’ve never made bones about the fact that I adore K.A. Applegate’s embarassingly ’90s, amazingly visceral, gloriously dramatic series, Animorphs. I even had the fortune to meet the authors at one point (which was a HUGE bucket list item for me, actually. Not often does one get to meet people who helped shape their childhood).

When the series was still being published, I devoured everything I could get my hands on regarding it. This included Animorphs_SR_coverthe (horribly inaccurate but still entertaining) TV series – which I had to wait for the videotapes (yes, it was that long ago) to come out, because I didn’t have cable growing up and it aired on Nickelodeon – and every video game released about the series…all two of them. There was a PC game that, honestly, is a better nod to the actual series. But I found my own joy in the Playstation title, Animorphs: Shattered Reality.

The concept itself is it’s redeeming quality – it fractures the timeline and puts the Animorphs in a world controlled by their alien nemesis, the Yeerks. Therefore the bits that don’t quite work – like Marco’s battle morph being a rhino, rather than a gorilla, and an almost complete total absence of Ax and Tobias – can be forgiven in the context of the game itself.

There are even some really fun levels – but my favorite is the dragonfly level, (link is to a youtube video of the song, specifically) mostly because of the music. I once tried to get in touch with the people who created the music to try and get the lyrics, but they never got back to me. So, your guess is as good as mine as far as the lyrics go. I believe the chorus is something like this:

Animorphs2-156387“Who am I now?
I’m so far from the ground.
The world has changed,
It’s upside down.

Who am I now?
Am I ever coming down?
Now I’m playing with a whole new sound”

I would play this game over and over, beating it almost as often as I played my Sega Genesis Lion King cartridge before it. Unfortunately, as I can’t find an ISO that actually works, and my laptop doesn’t have a disk drive for me to use my original disk, I can’t actually do a play-through of this title at the moment. I have an external disk drive, but that’s one of the things that got lost in the big move last year, and I still haven’t found it.

I hope to eventually be able to do a play-through of this game for you all – it really is a lot of fun. However, for now, I hope you enjoyed me remembering this title fondly. Thanks, and see you next Retro Wednesday!

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