Tooth & Arrows: The Call Of The Horde

Monday, April 2, 2012

Maybe I should’ve called this blog “the siren’s song,” however I suppose it isn’t really.

I’ve been playing WoW for several years now, and while I’ve max leveled 2 (almost 3) characters, they’ve all been Alliance side. Given the pressure that’s coming up on the Horde vs. Alliance conflict in the upcoming expansion, Mists of Pandaria, I’ve found myself again being drawn to seeing the Horde side of things.

It isn’t that I don’t have any Horde characters – I do. Quite a few, actually, and a couple that I really like. I’m thinking of devoting some time and trying to get at least Ionaria, my Troll Druid, up to max level, so that when the expansion is released, I’ll be able to see the escalating conflict from both sides.

Why am I drawn to Ionaria? Well, druids are essentially meant to be neutral. And in being so, I feel that perhaps Kalitri, my Night Elf-turned-Worgen druid and my troll druid might actually know each other. Playing through Pandaria’s new content on both of those characters would be an interesting experience, to say the least. And as we get closer and closer to Pandaria’s release, I’m feeling more and more the need to witness the other side of the coin, as it were.

For a time, I thought perhaps I was getting bored with WoW, but I had a minor epiphany today while reading a blog on WoW Insider that talked about the conflict already apparent in the beta of the new expansion, and I realized that I wasn’t tired of the game – I was tired of it being one-sided. There’s a whole other world in Azeroth, a whole other storyline that I’ve not experienced.

And I think perhaps now is the time for me to do just that. Expect future posts on differences between Alliance and Horde, as I level Ionaria up to cap, and find the truth behind the myths the Alliance have built up around their enemies – all the while discovering exactly what the counterparts are from the other side.

I’m answering the call of the Horde….

Elune, save me.

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