[Tooth & Arrows] The View From The Other Side

Friday, June 14, 2013

I actually have a general gaming update before I get to the actual reason for this entry.

To start with, Kalitri is now LFR geared, and I’ve officially run every available LFR. The Throne of Thunder is incredibly challenging on a mechanics level – I have no desire to ever run it on Normal difficulty. However, I’ve gotten enough good gear through LFR that I’ve turned my eye to a few old achievements.

It started as me randomly realizing that with the level of damage I could put out now, I could likely solo Utegarde Pinnacle on heroic every day for a shot at the blue Proto drake mount. When I went in there, I tore through it quickly – and without even trying, came out of it with two of the achievements needed for the Glory of the Hero achievement, which rewards the RED protodrake.

Well, if those were so easy to solo…

I spent the rest of the evening going around and soloing as many old dungeons as possible, getting every achievement. I’m missing achievements from three dungeons to finish it off. One is The Occulus, which isn’t a dungeon I’ve ever run before, so I’m researching before I go in. Another is Violet Hold, which requires certain bosses randomly spawning to get both of it’s achievements. And the final one is The Culling of Stratholme – which I screwed up today not knowing that there’s a strategy for getting all 100 zombies within one minute. Knowing the strategy, I’ll be going back in soon and getting that achievement.

However, in the middle of my soloing The Nexus and The Occulus, I accidentally found my way into one of the end-game raids from Wrath of the Lich King – The Eye of Eternity.

I’ve been in the ZONE before – one of the fights of Cataclysm’s end-game raid, Dragon Soul, is fought in the same area. So, out of curiosity…I went and poked the stand in the center of the platform. I was immediately assaulted by a very angry blue dragon.

However…I wasn’t dying. In fact, I was taking his health down. Hey, could I actually SOLO a ten man raid? This boss has the potential to drop yet ANOTHER mount… I made it through the first two phases of the fight and had the boss down below half health. Unfortunately, I hadn’t done my research beforehand. The third phase of the fight is very mechanics heavy and requires precision control of a drake mount and the use of a vehicle interface.

I failed the encounter, to make a long story short. However, I realized that I WOULD have won if I’d not been caught off guard by the mechanics. So I did some research, went back into the dungeon…and took out Malygos.


I solo’d a ten man raid from two expansions ago. It might not seem like a big deal, but it kind of is to me. It means there’s another mount I can easily farm for, and THAT is exciting.

But! While all of this is cool, none of it is actually what I’m writing this entry about.

I recently started playing a Worgen warlock after playing Lona’s ‘lock off and on to help her grind out some dailies. As a result, I have VERY RECENTLY gone through the Gilneas starting zone.

After hitting 90 with my Troll Druid, I decided that I wanted to “collect” all four druid races. So I started a Tauren druid, and since when I leveled Ionaria I did the Kalimdor Horde quests, I decided to do the Eastern Kingdoms ones this time. I took Hawksong, my new Tauren, to the Forsaken starter zone. Little did I know that when I got down to Silverpine Forest, I would find myself wrapped up completely in the Gilneas story all over again – but from the other side.


Having played many worgen, I’m very familiar with the starter zone for the race. The story plays out the same every time – the worgen attacks, the cataclysm, the Forsaken assault, and the betrayal of three high ranking Gilneans. You, the player, assassinate two of the three, and the third commits suicide rather than become a Worgen.

Now, coming at it from the Forsaken side, those three bodies are useful. I played all the way through the story – I now know the Banshee Queen’s reasons for attacking Gilneas – and she does have a convincing argument – as well as all the fascinating lore stuff that came afterwards. I had intended to quest just until Hawksong hit 16, and then I was going to dungeon the rest of the way to 90…but I got so sucked in by the questline in Silverpine Forest and Hillsbrad Foothills that I’m now almost 27 and I haven’t stopped questing once.

One thing’s for sure – playing both sides of these storylines just make me appreciate the depth and power of the storytelling in World of Warcraft. I highly recommend doing this – even if you’re a staunch Alliance player, or a dedicated Horde player. Check out the world from the other side. See the lore and the reasons behind the war.

Who knows? You might find something awesome that you never would’ve known existed otherwise.

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