Essays by Tygerwolfe

Personal Essays:

Therianthropy: A Personal Definition
(my personal definitions and experiences with therianthropy – OLD ESSAY)
Of Daemons & Therianthropy
(exploring similarities between the Daemons of Pullman’s His Dark Materials, and therianthropy)
The Fine Line Of Explaination
(how to explain therianthropy to others)

Shift Happens – Blog Series on Therian Shifts

  1. Wolf Driving – Overview
  2. Ghost Wolf – Phantom
  3. Wolf At Your Door – Mental & Perception
  4. Lone Wolf Roaming – Astral & Dream
  5. Wolf Power – P-shifting


Skin Spirits in the Public Eye – Blog Series on my personal experiences & thoughts on Skin Spirits.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Bison
  3. Trevor & Veteran
  4. Happy Trails

A Sad But Honest Calling – Blog Series on spiritual relationships with pets and dealing with the transition between life and death.

  1. Acerbus Lupi
  2. A Feline Escort
  3. How To Say Goodbye
  4. A Flakey Feline Ghost
  5. Beyond The Rainbow Bridge


Academic Essays:

Anthropology 100: Cultural Anthropology
Participant Observation: Furry Logic

Personal Culture: Wolf In The Fold

Anthropology 101: Physical Anthropology
Final: Zoo Project – Growing Up Monkey

Anthropology 104: Language & Culture

Essay 1: Communication Does Not Make Language

Anthropology 108: Religion & Belief
Midterm: Temple Hopping

Final: Paleolithic Religion – The Genesis of Belief

Art 101
Museum Menagerie: The Art of Museum Taxidermy

Tygerwolfe: The Art & The Meaning

English 101
Sworn To Valor: Joseph Campbell’s Mythic Hero In Dragonheart

To Change His Stars – William Thatcher as Joseph Campbell’s Mythic Hero

English 103
Research Paper: A Fragile Web – The Evolution of the Debate over Endangered Species and Habitats

Argument Analysis: The Caged Do Scream

Rogerian Analysis: To Help Or Not To Help