Therianthropy: A Personal Definition

This is my post on my personal Therianthropy, what it is, and what it means to me. There are bits and pieces of Totemism, Shamanism, Wicca, and Christianity contained herein. Consider yourself warned.

Therianthropy: Definitions:

Therianthropy, when separated out into its key components, consists of the Greek words therion, meaning “wild animal” or “beast,” and “anthrōpos“, meaning “man.” So, when broken into its core components, a Therianthrope is a person that is both beast and man… An animal spirit in a human body.

Now, this is not to say that if you have lived a past life as an animal, the part of that animal that you carry with you does not make you a Therian, despite it being an animal part of you. This is just another “cause” of Therianism, or Therianthropy.

The word “werewolf,” or really “Were-any animal”, when used by Therians, is just another way to say “I’m Therian and here is my Theriotype,” without having to say “I’m a wolf-therian,” or “I’m a tiger-therian.” Some find it easier to say “werewolf” or “weretiger.” Though, when in the company of a member of the Furry Community, that terminology becomes a bit confusing. Or, at least, that is true in my experience, as that term can also mean “anthro ______<-animal of choice.” It also becomes confusing if you simply say “I am ______ <- insert Theriotype animal there,” because Furres also can say “I am__________ <- random animal there.” However, they do not mean it the way Therians do, in that their spirit or a part of their spirit is actually that animal. They (IMHO) mean that it is the animal they identify with and/or use as an avatar.

Now, this is not to say that Therianthropes are not active in or feel a connection to the Furry Community! Many of us have “Fursonas” in addition to our Theriotypes, or have turned a Theriotype INTO a “Fursona.” Personally, I see “Tygerwolfe,” as my fursona. And while she is not any particular species of wolf (my made up species, actually… Canis virgo, the striped wolf), and is most certainly not a Dire Wolf (my primary Theriotype), she is still ME… And usually my way of representing myself online.

I think that’s the basic definitions… Subject to change later.

Theriotypes Versus Totems, Guides, & Past Lives:

Now here is where it gets a bit confusing for me, as I am still sorting this out. For the longest time, I classified myself as a Polywere, or Therianthrope with more than one primary Theriotype. However, while that still may be true, I’m beginning to discover that I am not quite as much of a “mutt” as I originally believed. I’m going to go into each of my Theriotypes (easier to use that all encompassing word for the moment), and how I discovered each.


Dire Wolf

Ah, my main Theriotype, and the one I am ultimately totally certain of. Now, I also lived a past life as a Dire Wolf (I will go into that when I discuss past lives in my “Spirituality” post), but I still classify it as my Theriotype… Because I overwhelmingly still feel, act, and think like a wolf.

As for the discovery of this, my main Theriotype, it was incredibly gradual. It starts with an icon that I have now. It reads, “When other little girls were pretending to be ballerinas, I kind of wanted to be a dog.” And that is entirely true. When I was young and I played with other kids (before my mom pulled me out of school for fear of what the topic of Evolution would do to my Christian sensibilities (great job, Mom…) and we would play “House” or something similar, I would always play the pet. Sometimes a cat, but most of the time it was a dog. I also went out of my way to make friends with and play with any canine I met ANYWHERE. Despite living in an apartment and being unable to own a dog of my own, I was not deterred from playing with and acting like canines.

I remember the oddest sense of disappointment when I realized I couldn’t bend my legs the right way to properly imitate a dog, and as so, I could not run in a way that I saw as “proper.” From even earlier than this, I had vivid dreams involving “free-running,” or running on four legs in a human body. I still have those dreams to this day. If I need to run in a dream, I drop to all fours and just GO. This made it even more frustrating with the realization that I could NOT do this in real life. Don’t get me wrong, though, I tried. And I have some scars from attempting it and winding up skidding along concrete. And when I complained about this to my mother, she simply informed me that I needed to stop pretending to be an animal. God had made me a human being, and I should act like it. Not to mention that this is the same thing she told me when she found out that when I pretended (something I think of now as “early role-play”) with my friends, I would always play a male character. We played “Beauty & The Beast,” and I played the Beast. We played “Darkwing Duck,” and I was DW. We played ANYTHING, and I took either the leading male, or a supporting male role. I found out later that this was actually related to Soulbonding, and will be discussed in more detail when I make THAT post.

Anyway, I learned quickly that my mother did not support my desires to play a canine properly, so I stopped talking to her about it. And gradually stopped doing things anywhere that I might be seen by her playing as such. Because, inexorably, every time I did, I got that same lecture again. And I was too young (and too naive) to respond with, “But mom, what if God just made my BODY human…”

Anyway, I “grew up,” though the free-running and canine behaviors never totally left. I have always snarled or growled when angry or startled. I have always felt phantom fur bristling or blowing in the wind. I have always both been able to move my human ears (to an extent), and done it reflexively when I feel certain emotions… AND always felt as if they were positioned differently and moving differently than I knew them to be. If given the choice, I will walk around the house nude or at least mostly naked, because clothes always feel like they’re ruffling my fur the wrong way (and my tail becomes incredibly uncomfortable when I wear pants for more than 8 hours or so… like the base is being rubbed raw). I also walk digigrade whenever my balance will allow. I unfortunately have an inner ear problem that limits my ability to balance “on my toes,” otherwise I’d walk digigrade all the time. And I ALWAYS run that way… Running rather like a raptor dinosaur, actually. But that will come up again later.

So I outgrew publicly “pretending” to be a canine by the time I was 12 or 13. But I still did it in private. Sometimes I found that it helped me sleep to crawl into my bed on all fours and create a nest of sorts to snuggle down in. I (still) shake off water when wet or surprised by water being thrown at me. I even do a full body shake that feels wonderful, starting at my head and ending with my phantom tail. I’d close my eyes while in the bathtub and pretend I’d just waded into a comfortably warm hot spring to warm up. This was about the time I began noticing an odd consistency to my phantom limbs, and the
sensations and thoughts that went along with them. I was always cold. Even if my human physical body was hot, or the breeze blowing on me was hot, my phantom parts always felt a chill wind. This has extended to the point that I cannot sleep if it is hot in the room. The contrast between real space body and phantom “overlay” is incredibly uncomfortable. My apologies to Trinitylast and Nyx Goldstone if my frigid air conditioner and fan keep anyone up at night.

Now, all this time, I’d been openly fascinated with animals. THIS was something my mother encouraged, as long as I didn’t ACT like an animal around her. She saw it as me longing to learn… which it was, and she bought me everything she could afford about animals in general. What we couldn’t afford, I checked out of the Library. It got to the point that I wouldn’t read a book unless it had an animal in it in some way (this has continued to this day, to a point). I was fascinated with Dinosaurs (what kid isn’t?), and also domestic animals specifically. This lead to one of the feats I am famous (to my parents and Kindergarten teacher) for. I was six years old (I believe, or possibly five), and the teacher asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” While all the rest of the kids in the class gave the standard answers, (fireman, policeman, doctor, lawyer, pilot, ect.), I calmly waited my turn, and then responded, “I don’t know… I can’t decide between two things.” So my teacher asked me what they were. And I responded succinctly, “Either a Paleontologist or a Veterinarian.” Mrs. Scott’s jaw dropped, and I remember this clearly. She’d been writing down what each student said next to their names… and she could not spell one of my choices. So, I think to get her composure back, she asked me to spell “Paleontologist.” And I did. She looked it up, and I was right. This was when my reading level was tested, and it was discovered that I, in Kindergarten, was reading on a 9th Grade Level. My parents were thrilled, my mother especially since she had taught me how to read. And it was organized that I would go up to a 5th Grade Classroom to read a book on Paleontology (“They Turned To Stone“… I still have it somewhere) to the 5th Graders. When I initially went up there, I had a panic attack, and ran out of the room crying, amid their laughter. However, I made myself return and read the book… And when I was done, the class applauded.

Anyway, I’ve gone off on a tangent. The point is that I was interested in ancient life from the beginning. And as I learned more about wolves, my phantom parts (previously just general “canid” parts) slowly resolved themselves into a viable “wolf” type. Only there were a few odd differences that I just decided had something to do with me being in a human body (even then, at around age 13, I’d begun to think of myself as an animal with a human body), and dismissed them. My ears were slightly wider, and shorter than they should’ve been for a wolf. My tail was shorter, and my limbs thicker. My fur felt VERY thick and insulating (probably because of that damned constant cold breeze!), and my jaws felt very strong and wide. It was around this time of phantom-self resolution that I began to feel increasingly lonely. And not just the lonely that comes from being homeschooled basically by yourself… This was something deeper and more profound. I tried to discuss it (tactfully, of course) with any friend I made that felt like more than an acquaintance, but at most all I would get was a teasing “oh, so you’re a werewolf or something?” and conversation would go back to “reality.” I never pushed beyond that point, because I somehow knew that if I found someone who understood, they would never say something like THAT.

When I was sixteen or seventeen, I came across the first mention I’d ever found of a wolf other than the Grey Wolf / Timber Wolf / Arctic Wolf. It described a predator in the Pleistocene that had gone extinct along with the other Megafauna (Mammoths, Mastodons, Giant Sloths, Woolly Rhinos, ect…) and “Hyper Predators” (Smilodon (saber-toothed cat), Short-Faced Bear, Giant Hyena, American Lion, ect…) at the end of the last Ice Age, some time between 10,000 and 16,000 years ago. These wolves, called Canis dirus, or the Dire Wolf, were common in cave drawings, showing huge packs of at least 12 or more, to the stained bones pulled out of the La Brea Tar Pits in California (where they outnumber EVERY other mammal found within almost ten to one). They were the largest wolf that ever lived, almost 50 pounds heavier than modern (and contemporary) wolves. Wider and more robust, their limbs were significantly thicker, their bites more powerful, and teeth larger. On the opposite side, their tails were two vertebrae shorter, and their brains were a bit smaller, despite the larger skull size.

Something about this animal intrigued me, and I HAD to learn more about it. It did not even occur to me that I had discovered my true nature until a couple of years later. Unfortunately, despite large numbers of bones and other evidence of there existence, there was surprising little information really known about them. There’s still much more known about the Smilodon and Mammoth and other Pleistocene species than is known about the Dire Wolf. Mostly because, as I mention in one of my most popular Deviations on DeviantArt, behavior doesn’t fossilize. So all we know about Dire Wolves, we have to learn from cave art, what their bones can tell us, and the way their surviving relatives live. While there is a lot of information there, most Pleistocene paleontologists don’t focus their work on the Dire Wolf, choosing instead to study primarily Mammoths or Smilodons, or one of the other Mega-Beasts of the last Ice Age. Anyway, the point is that I was desperate to find more information on this animal, and unable to do so. Keeping in mind that for YEARS I’d cleaned the Library out regularly of any and all books on Paleontology (Pleistocene & older) that they had, children’s or adult, it didn’t matter to me. I had to learn more.

My next breakthrough came in 2000, when I was eighteen. We finally got a computer at home, and I discovered the internet (minus the Library’s filters). Of course, one of the first thing I searched for was “Dire Wolf.” Unfortunately, my search only returned three truly “creditable” entries… IE, ones that did not list information that I already knew to be false in one way or another. All the rest were either incorrect (one marked Dire Wolves as being “markedly smaller” than their grey wolf cousins… EXACTLY opposite of reality…), or simply cursory mentions within other larger articles on other animals or the Pleistocene world in general. Those three sits are: The World Of The Wolf: Canis Dirus, Wikipedia: Dire Wolf (yes, I’m serious), and finally my personal favorite, Goldenwolf’s Dire Wolf Page. It was her page that finally made me start to see that the “aberrations” I felt with my phantom limbs weren’t aberrations at all… Much later I would discover that Goldenwolf herself is a Dire Wolf Therian. But at the moment, it was this passage that caught my attention:

“Things you will want to notice about the dire wolf are it’s shorter, stockier legs, larger, wider head, and shorter ears (guessing on the ears since there is no real way to know how large they were).”

But there is a way, my brain seemed to scream. I know they’re shorter, because MINE are shorter! It was the first time my brain had made the connection to Dire Wolf being ME, instead of just a part of me. And as I looked at her drawings/paintings of Dire Wolf, I just knew. Finally… Dire Wolf was me, just as it was probably her. I sent off an email to her and never got a response… Probably because I sounded like I was insane. Yeah, I babbled pretty good in that email. She probably thought I was some sort of stalker-poser or something.

Anyway, this was about the time I created my “Darkwolf Untamed” persona for online safety. I mean, let’s face it, it’s safer to be a male online than a female. And I’d already proven that I play a male VERY well and convincingly… So that’s what I did. And Darkwolf’s fursona was a black Dire Wolf with a silver underbelly and eye patch. Over time, the eye patch disappeared, and Darkwolf became more obviously Dire Wolf… At one point, I drew a picture of Darkwolf wandering alone on a black background with his shadow in deep blue/purple behind him, howling mournfully. The lyrics on the picture were from Green Day’s “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams,” more specifically the chorus.

“My shadow’s the only one that walks beside me,
My shallow heart’s the only thing that’s beating,
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me,
‘Til then I walk alone…”

In the comments, I simply put that it is lonely to be the last Dire Wolf… Which was part of Darkwolf’s “character,” that he was the last, and was approached by a wolf god that, instead of dying, he would continue to “live” as an escort of any creature going extinct, on to either their next life (if they chose it), or on to the next world. However, one of the people who originally commented on the piece mentioned that there were several other Dire Wolves on The Werelist. That would be the site that introduced me to Therianthropy as a definition and experience… and for the first time in my life I discovered that I was not alone.

“I thought I was the only one.” That is the most common Therian introduction, all across the entire site. I definitely felt the same way. Even then, there were very few Dire Wolves, and the only two I have gotten in contact with are Paleo and Goldenwolf. But that’s all I needed, because I also discovered that I was not alone in being a non-human in a human body. Thanks to Werelist, I met Nyx Goldstone, MidniteWolf139, Kata Skyfox, Wolfe, Faelin, and several other people who are not on LiveJournal, to my knowledge. My pack has built up around me, and I’m actually content to be a Dire Wolf living a human life now… My soul is ancient, but I have friends in the here & now… And that makes it all alright.


Red-Tailed Hawk

My secondary Theriotype. Now this one I KNOW was a past life, thanks to my past life memories of it… And while I do not exhibit Hawk characteristics the way I exhibit wolf, I do feel them just beneath the surface. They just don’t exhibit in obvious ways unless I’m specifically thinking about them (like when I ride “Soarin’ Over California.”).

It is very possible that this is simply a past life, and I have just retained bits of it, rather than it being a core part of ME. But until it proves otherwise to me, I will continue to think of Hawk as my secondary Theriotype.

As for how I discovered it… I’ve always felt drawn to hawks, particularly Red-Tails, to the point that I “knew” two of them when I lived in Texas… A mated pair I called Toby and Rachel. Toby used to follow me around… I’d see him almost every day. And Rachel I saw regularly enough to justify naming her. Every time I saw either of them, I felt as if I was lifted up on thermals to join them, and could almost see through their eyes. I looked forward to seeing them every day, and felt as if a friend was missing if they ever weren’t there. Toby had a habit of following me in the air when I would walk from my apartment with a friend in the morning to take her to the bus stop. Then I’d see him again when I was on the way back. Every time I saw him, I felt almost as if he was speaking to me. Not in words, but in pictures and thoughts. All in all, it was a wonderful experience every morning, and something I miss greatly since moving to California, where Red-Tails are less plentiful. Now it’s a thrill just to SEE one, and I cannot imagine establishing a rapport with one the way I did with Toby. In this respect, I’m fairly jealous of Minstelae SilentClaw and her relationship with Sammy, a Red-Tail at the Raptor Center where she and her mate work.

Anyway, I still classify Hawk as one of my Theriotypes… But beyond that, we move into unsure territory.


Horse: American Mustang

Shortly after watching the movie Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron, I began to feel more and more connected to horses. Especially as I researched more about them. Then one day, driving home from work in my Dad’s Jeep, I had an experience that made me begin to classify Horse as one of my Theriotypes. I was on the freeway, coming home from my job at Lakewood Church, where I was working as a data entry clerk for the expanded ministry. (Yes, that’s right… This person who’s so confused about her spirituality was once not only a member (though part of me still considers myself that) but an employee of one of the biggest churches in the nation.) As I sped along, I absently noticed that I was amid a pack of cars. Now, while the technical term for a group of cars all bunched together on the freeway is a “wolf pack,” what happened next has made me forever refer to them as “herds.”

I was going about 50MPH when this experience started. I felt the muscles in my thighs bunching and releasing, almost painfully, as if my legs were trying to run on their own. But they weren’t running in the way I run, or the way I run in my dreams… The muscles seemed to be trying to move with the type of motion associated with a horse’s forelegs. Then, suddenly, I just simply wasn’t in the car anymore.

I was running, surrounded on all sides by my herd. The sounds of whinnies and neighs filled my ears. I felt my mane and tail flying behind me, and I leaped in mid run for pure joy at just being out there and being free… Then suddenly I snapped back to myself. I was beyond keeping up with the cars around me, I was passing them. A glance at my speedometer informed me that I was doing almost 80MPH by that time. Almost twice where I’d started. Thank God the freeway was basically clear of traffic that day.

Now, this could be another simple past life experience, much like the vision of being shot and falling out of the sky that occurred when I was on Tower of Terror for the first time that made me realize once and for all that Hawk, whatever else she was to me, was also a past life. However, at the time, I did not make that distinction. I figured that, for me to have felt and seen what I did so incredibly clearly, Horse had to be yet another Theriotype. So when I got home, I added it to my Werelist profile.



Now we both back up, and fast forward at the same time, to how I discovered the Utahraptor part of myself. This one I am even more confused about than the horse. I believe it to be a past life, but at one point I “corrupted” it by creating a Utahraptor character for a messageboard I was a part of at the time.

For those that believe in MDE (Multi-Dimensional Existence… to be explained more fully in my Spirituality post), this would actually be more likely to be classified as an MDE of the book “Raptor Red.” So while yes, it is a part of me, it is NOT a Theriotype… But simply another life lived in another dimension. A dimension that Robert Bakker tapped into when he wrote Raptor Red. (Not that no one else could have a life there… Part of MDE belief, as part of Soulbonding, is that there are multiple versions of every reality. Just because I feel that I was Raptor Red, does not mean that no one else could also feel the same, and it be just as valid.)

Anyway, I created “K’Ren, the Utahraptor” for use as a posting identity on the Dinotopia message board. “K’Ren” is a bastardization of my own real first name, “Kathryn.” And Utahraptor was both a favorite dinosaur at the time (Jurassic Park had just come out and I’d done extensive research into Raptors, finding out quickly that “Velociraptors” weren’t the six foot creatures featured in the movie, but were instead smaller… about wolf-sized… and it was really Utahraptors that were the stars… they just were not named), and the dinosaur for which I felt my “Dinotopian Role” of Librarian fit. So I became K’Ren the Utahraptor.

Thinking about it now, I believe Utahraptor was/is an MDE of mine, and as such could also be called a past life… but I do not think I carry enough of the behavioral traits (unless they had a LOT more in common with wolves and hawks than we know…) with me to officially classify Utahraptor as one of my Theriotypes anymore. And while this makes me sad, and can be seen as almost an end of an era… At the same time, I am glad I have sorted it out.



I had a pet rabbit some years ago that I inventively named “Jack.” He was a Flemish Giant who I rescued from the SPCA a few days from his “deadline.” If it were not for me, he would have been euthanized within the week due to him having been there the deadline of 3 full months without being adopted.

Anyway, my mother and father were both amazed at the rapport I had with that rabbit. Without really having ever studied rabbits, I could understand his physical cues and actions, and anticipate what he was going to do next. He became incredible docile with me, though he rarely let my parents even come NEAR him (at least at the beginning… after a few years, he calmed down with them). We’d lie on the floor together and watch TV… I basically treated him like a dog, only putting him in his cage at night (he was litterbox trained). He also had regular nightmares that would cause him to “thump” in agitation at night, and I’d have to wake him up and show him I was there to get him to feel better.

Anyway, as time went on (long after Jack died), when I was learning about Therianthropy, I thought about the connection I’d had with Jack. While I do not remember being a rabbit in a past life, I am shy and startle at loud noises, and freeze when I’m terrified. I enjoy munching veggies from time to time, and I do occasionally feel the instinct to thump/stomp when I’m upset. So I lumped it in with my Theriotypes.

After that, I read the book Watership Down by Richard Adams, which is a lovely insight into “rabbit society,” and I felt a bit more connected to my rabbit side… I started seeing a small, light brown doe in my dreams. Usually right before something happened in which I needed to be patient.

Now, looking back on it, I realize that rabbit was never a Theriotype or a past life… Instead, Rabbit is a totem of mine, symbolizing patience. She still appears in my dreams when something is happening or about to happen that requires me to be excessively patient (the last time being when I was dealing with the Financial Aid rigmarole at School last semester).


Western Dragon

I have always been fascinated by dragons. My favorite movie of all time is Dragonheart, to the point that I even wrote a paper on it for my English 101 class last semester. I enjoyed Eragon (both book and movie) greatly, and also the Animal Planet special ”Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real” (of which I own the DVD). Anything that shows Dragons in a non-dangerous light.

My mother was always disturbed by my interest in Dragons, as she saw them as one of many symbols of the Devil. Admittedly, she would’ve been equally disturbed if I showed an interest in snakes.

Anyway, I read and watched anything I could find about “good” dragons for a long time. Then, when I watched Eragon in the theaters, I had an almost out of body experience when Sapphira flew with Eragon for the first time. I could feel the wings beating, and the wind rushing over scales… It was incredibly powerful. I almost fainted in the theater when I snapped back to myself.

Anyway, this made me begin to consider myself a “Dragon Otherkin,” as I do subscribe to the belief that if you feel you “are” a mythological creature, it does not count as Therianism, but is Otherkinism. Or, at least, that is how I understood the definitions originally. And I unofficially added “Dragon: Western” to my Otherkin types on Werelist.

However, much like Rabbit, I have come to discover that Dragon is another of my totems or guides, appearing to me in dreams and phantom overlays when I need strength. Dragon is my totem of strength, and my guide in times when I need strength.


Spiritual Practices Related To My Therianthropy

I shape shift as a form of meditation. I do this by relaxing my body completely, closing my eyes, and imagining myself transforming into one of the animals to which I feel a connection. Almost always, this is my Dire Wolf self. I then will go for a run around the neighborhood that way. I sort of believe that I am doing a form of rudimentary astral projection when I do this, but I always leave behind an anchor and can snap back at a moment’s notice.

Sometimes, just before I go to sleep, as I try to calm down to rest, I will take the shape shift a bit further and transform my surroundings as well as my body, to the animal’s natural habitat. That is amazing, and I always feel like I am gone much longer than I ever SEEM to be. I also notice that doing this before sleep encourages Guide dreams, as they always seem more ready to approach me if I am in a shifted state. Especially if I am in what I consider my “true form,” the Dire Wolf.

I collect stones and other items that connect me to my totems and to my Theriotypes. Thanks to Kemi, I will be receiving a bunch of stones from Crystal Cure that are designed to specifically help ME. Adding these to my small collection of what I used to refer to as “Wicca Supplies,” and now simply think of as my “Spirit Box,” I hope to refine my connections.

For those wondering, I currently have in my Box: wolf knuckle bones, a scrap of wolf fur, bear knuckle bones, a scrap of bear fur, a soapstone carving of a howling wolf with a coyote claw attached to it’s back with sinew (a fetish), a large Amethyst (thank you, MidniteWolf!), and finally, my wolf paw, with a bit of leg-skin attached. I also consider part of this collection, though I do not have them in the box as the box is rather small… My howling wolf statue, my dragon statues (2), my two coyote tails (soon to be 3 when I buy Nyx Goldstone’s extra off her), my blue frost fox tail, my Russian blue fox tail, my rabbit pelt, and my silver fox tail. I have another Russian Blue Fox tail, but I’ve made it so I can wear that one, as it shares the markings with my Dire Wolf self that I see in my dreams and meditations.

I also include the wolf knuckle bone that I wear on a necklace, and the one that I intend to turn into a cell phone charm eventually. I use the necklace almost like a “worry stone,” pulling on it and rubbing on it when I’m nervous or upset. The smooth feel of it under my thumb is relaxing to me. So is petting any of the tails I own.

When I get to my Spirituality post, I will be explaining the “personalities” of my tails, and why they seem to have developed them.



So, while I am connected to many animals (some not listed that I have had similar experiences to that of Horse or Raptor with are Smilodon, who I am beginning to believe is another totem/Guide denoting controlled anger or frustration, and Mammoth, who I am beginning to believe is another totem/guide connected with intelligence or some other mental fortitude type trait), I only now consider two to be true Theriotypes… My soul is that of a Dire Wolf… Always has been, and always will be. But I also carry part of my Hawk soul with me as well. Yes, I am still a polywere, but not to the extent that I once believed.

Dragon, Horse, Utahraptor, Smilodon, Mammoth, and Rabbit are always with me in some way or another, but while I may have lived a life as each, they are not part of the core “me.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, and have perhaps come to understand me a bit better. I know I have through writing this.