Exit – Chapter 14

Chapter 13

Buffy woke up slowly, without really knowing what it was that woke her up. It was just a vague feeling… But it was enough to feel more than a little disturbing to the Slayer… and to her Guide. Raising her head, she considered the wolf and panther still lying next to her. They didn’t show any signs of waking up any time soon, so she assumed she had a little time to check out the source of the strange feeling that had awoken her.

The Jaguar pushed herself to her feet and stretched slowly, casting a longing look at the sleeping panther and wolf. Hopefully, her Guide would give her the time to figure out what had it spooked, as well as get some time with Angel… and find out who the mysterious panther was.

The jaguar slowly made her way through the jungle, slinking through the underbrush, her tail twitching behind her. The closer she got to the point where she’d left Angel the other day, the stronger the disturbed feeling became. Her instincts screamed for her to stop, and she knew better than to disobey her Guard. Stopping in her tracks, she got her first good look at the Burmese Tiger Trap, and realized quickly that the animals weren’t as alone in this jungle as they’d originally assumed.

The entire area reeked of human, Buffy realized, her ears laying back in disgust. She’d NEVER smelled more than just the vaguest scent of humans in her Guiding dreams before. And every time she did, it became increasingly obvious to her why vampires and most demons with highly acute senses of smell found humans disgusting, in a lot of ways. There were so many unattractive things that comprised a human’s scent… But what was getting her attention at the moment was one part of the scent in particular.


The jaguar backed slowly away from the Tiger Trap, swallowing and swishing her tail. More disturbing than the scent of human itself, even added to the revelation that there was also a GUN involved, was the fact that the scent was fresh. Very fresh. Possibly even within the last five hours.

Buffy tilted her head and considered the animals in the canopy that were slowly waking up. They didn’t seem to be alarmed. And if there was one thing being a Jaguar had taught her, it was that the canopy animals are always the first to spot and alert others to the presence of dangerous predators. She could relax, for now… But she would have to tell Angel about this, and quickly. Turning, she trotted back the way she had come, careful to leave as few clear tracks as she could, now that she knew there was a hunter around. There HAD to be something that could be done about this… But for now, the warning was the first priority.

* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Back by the river, Angel yawned quietly to himself, waking up slowly. The wolf stretched lazily, then burrowed his snout into the fur of Spike’s neck, nibbling at it a bit in a soothing grooming motion. Spike responded with a soft purr, but didn’t seem inclined to wake up any time soon. Angel just chuckled a bit and settled down again, letting his tail thump happily on the ground behind him.

Absently, the wolf began considering what they would do today. The first order of the day, and the most pressing one, would be to find food. The deer were moving on a bit, but that didn’t mean that the pair, already having distinguished themselves as formidable hunters, wouldn’t find something they could bring down quickly and easily. The group of duikers that they’d caught the scent of the previous day would make ideal targets.

With that consideration taken care of, Angel busied himself with grooming the fur just behind his Childe’s ears. He smiled internally when the panther gave a particularly loud mewling sound at his actions. Spike would be awake soon. If there was one thing Angel knew about his Childe, it was that there were approximately three ways of waking him up. One was to shove him off the bed. Another was to tickle him senseless, and the final way was to do ANYTHING to his ears. Lick, nibble, blow on them… It didn’t matter. Anything and everything would work. Though, in the mood Angel was in at that moment, the more pleasurable options were the ones he decided to explore.

And he was so occupied with his ‘grooming’, that he failed to notice the jaguar returning from her stint in the jungle.

* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Buffy stopped in her tracks and raised a figurative eyebrow at the scene by the river. She sat down and curled her tail around herself, letting the tip flip absently back and forth. Angel was licking the panther’s ears. That, in itself, wasn’t all THAT odd… What made it odd was the affection in the wolf’s actions. Buffy let her head tilt to the side in an unconscious imitation of the oh-so-familiar gesture that Spike always used to convey interest or confusion.

If the panther WAS Spike… or, at least, his Guide… Why would Angel be acting like this? Maybe he didn’t know who it was… No. That was just stupid. He would’ve had to know, if he’d spent nearly two weeks with the other animal. So that brought up another question. WHY would Angel be acting like this with Spike?

To Buffy’s own surprise, she didn’t feel repulsed by watching this… Or as if she were intruding. After all, her best FRIEND was gay, and, on top of that, she KNEW that vampires as a rule tend to be bisexual. So seeing her former boyfriend licking the ears of what basically amounted to another man didn’t really bother her. In fact, something inside her secretly thrilled at seeing that Angel was feeling so much more relaxed with his vampiric nature. And if the panther WAS Spike, it actually made her feel better to see that he’d finally reconciled with his Sire. She knew, from a few of the unguarded moments they’d had together, that Spike’s perceived loss of his Sire’s affections had been a hard time in his life. He hadn’t understood that Angel had gotten a soul initially, and instead had believed that the older vampire had simply abandoned him and Dru. It wasn’t until the late 1930’s that Darla had finally told him what REALLY happened.

Spike had then allowed anger to cloud his vision. First, anger at the gypsy tribe that would dare to take away his Sire. And then anger at Angel for allowing it to happen. For not trying to come back. So when the option of killing Angel to bring Dru back up to full strength presented itself, of COURSE Spike was going to take the option. He’d hurt his Sire the way his leaving had hurt HIM. But Buffy had rescued Angel… and put Spike in a wheelchair in the process. That had more than ruined the plan.

Then, though, Angelus had been BACK. But the older vampire’s attention was still focused on the Slayer… and on Dru. He ignored and insulted Spike, worse than he ever had before. And it had hardened Spike’s heart to both sides of his Sire. He’d once told Buffy that, if the opportunity ever presented itself, he would gladly kill his “ponce of a Sire”… If only he knew that it wouldn’t hurt her.

Spike had always been lead by love. His unrequited love for Cecily that had lead him to Dru. His love for Angelus that had turned to hate. His love for Dru that had ended in a painful breakup and rejection… And his love for Buffy. A love that had seen him change his ways, his heart… and even his soul for her. A love that had protected Dawn after Buffy had died… And a love that saw him through giving his own life to save her from doing it again.

Buffy swallowed, still watching the two animals. She was downwind now, so even though the two were both awake… And playing, from the looks of it, neither of them had noticed the jaguar. Now she DID feel as if she were intruding. But, at the same time, she’d come to find out… And she needed to know who the panther was. If it WAS Spike… God. She had SO many questions for him… And so much to tell him. So much to PROVE to him, relationship with his Sire or not. If she could just get up, walk out there, and-

And the panther was looking straight at her.

* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Spike’s gold eyes were locked with the jaguar’s beautiful green ones. He almost couldn’t believe his luck. Here she was… the beautiful creature that had captivated him from the moment he’d first seen her… And she was looking right at him. Mesmerized, he slowly approached her, whuffing softly to let her know he meant her no harm. “Easy, kitten… S’just me. M’not gonna hurt you…” And the panther froze in his tracks when the jaguar stiffened and let out a very soft sound… Though it wasn’t the sound that stopped him.

It was the voice he heard in his head.

“Spike?”, Buffy barely breathed, her eyes locked with the panther’s. It was impossible… Right? Spike was dead… But that was his VOICE she’d just heard… As clearly as if it had come across Angel’s bond with her. Absently, she realized that’s where it HAD to have come from. She’d never faced the panther with her bond with Angel open. And with her bond with HIM open, if HE could understand the panther, of course she could as well. She could hear him. She could hear Spike.

“Buffy?”, Spike swallowed, again taking a tentative step toward the beautiful jaguar. “Luv, is that you?”

Buffy felt as if she couldn’t breathe… And like she was going to cry, all at once. It WAS Spike… It was him… God, he was alive… He was right here… Before she could stop herself, she leaped at the other cat, much the way she’d ‘attacked’ Angel during their reunion days earlier. Only this time, it was Spike’s snout and mouth that received the attention of her jaguar’s tongue. As close to a true kiss as the two felines could come, they licked and nuzzled at each other until both could barely breathe.

Both were making low whimpering/keening sounds at the back of their throats. Sobbing, cat style. And both had the bases of their tails fuzzed out as far as they would go. Spike hadn’t spoken since he’d first uttered the Slayer’s name… But Buffy just couldn’t seem to shut up.

And she didn’t really want to, either.

“God, Spike… Spike, I’m so sorry… I never… I had plans, really… I knew…”, she couldn’t stop herself from babbling as she smothered the black panther in licks and nuzzles, trying to hug him with her paws. “Should’ve warned you… Some part of me knew… I knew someone had to… I didn’t think it would be you… God, Spike, I’m so sorry… I love you… I’ve loved you for a long time… I never showed… I’m so sorry, Spike… Please… please forgive me…”

Spike, for his part, almost seemed baffled. WHAT was she apologizing for? He’d wanted the amulet. He’d known from the moment he got it the price that would have to be paid by the one who wore it. He knew the price of the title Champion. And he was willing to pay it… Because it made him HER Champion. He’d entertained the thought of getting out. Of receiving a hero’s welcome back at the Scooby camp. But he’d known from the moment he saw how many Turok-Hans there were… He’d known that ONE would have to die. And he’d known it had to be him. And he was about to tell her just that, when the last few broken sentences of her babbling broke through his internal reverie.

She loved him? He was HERE right now… He wasn’t about to die. Didn’t she know that? If she said that NOW, there wasn’t going to be any taking it back… But she said it again. She KNEW what she was doing… And asking for his forgiveness? God… what did SHE have to be forgiven for? Purring soothingly, Spike began nuzzling and licking at Buffy’s snout until he forcibly stopped her babbling. “Easy, luv… Easy,” he whispered into one of her cute little black jaguar’s ears. “Shhh… That’s it, baby. Just calm down. I’m here…” He sat and wrapped a paw around her, hugging her tightly to him. “There, there, pet… I’ve got you. It’s okay…” Then, softer, just because she really seemed to need to hear it, “I forgive you… It’s okay, Buffy… It’s okay.”

Angel, for his part, just sat a few feet away and watched the cat’s reunion. Now, suddenly, he realized what he’d done by both not telling BUFFY about Spike… and by not telling Spike that he knew who the jaguar was a week earlier. When Spike realized that he’d KNOWN, he was going to be amazingly mad at Angel… And there was nothing Angel could do to defend himself. All he could hope was that Buffy wouldn’t mention that he knew… But he knew what a long shot that was. Especially when the cats finally parted… and Buffy came RIGHT over to him and nuzzled her head up under his chin, not wanting to leave him out of the greetings, now that she was feeling a little more normal.

Spike raised an eyebrow when the other two animals greeted each other… Without a word passing between them. Buffy knew Angel was the wolf? But how… The last time they’d been around each other, Angel had been YELLING at him because he thought the Jaguar was going to EAT him. So how… Unless… Unless they’d met ‘officially’ AFTER that night… And the only time Angel had been away from Spike long enough for that to have happened was when Spike had been trapped in that pit.

And that was a week earlier.

The panther’s gold eyes narrowed as he watched the jaguar and wolf talk quietly a couple of feet away. Angel had known about this for a week. And he hadn’t even MENTIONED it to Spike… Suddenly it made sense. Angel hadn’t ‘remembered’ that he knew about Guides… Buffy had to have TOLD him… Which meant he’d LIED to Spike about where the knowledge had come from. Spike swished his tail slowly, his ears laying back.

He’d been giving his Sire another chance. A chance to be honest with him. To prove that Spike could trust him. And then he went and did something like THIS? Spike didn’t want to believe it. It hurt too much to even think that Angel STILL was keeping things from him. Especially things about Buffy. After all they’d been through… After Spike had risked his life at the jaws of that crocodile to save his Sire. After he’d helped the wolf heal when he would’ve died if he’d been alone. After all the nights they’d spent together now, just laying and talking… Yeah. It hurt far more than Spike would’ve liked. It would’ve been one thing if the deception had been a small one. But this definitely didn’t qualify as small.

And it wasn’t as if Angel had simply forgotten. Spike would’ve been more than willing to give the older vampire a chance if the initial joy of finding Spike okay and rescuing him from the pit had caused him to forget… And it very well might have. But he’d had PLENTY of chances since then. And he hadn’t taken any of them. He’d even gone out of his way, as he had the day before, to say that the Guide thing was just something he remembered. Spike growled quietly to himself… But he forced himself to straighten up and look normal when Buffy approached him again. His quarrel was with Angel… not the Slayer. And there was no way he was going to let himself ignore the joy of seeing her again just because he was royally pissed at his Sire. Again.

Buffy purred softly, rubbing the length of her jaguar’s body against Spike’s chest, as the sitting panther’s head was above where her smaller jaguar’s could reach while standing on all fours. “I’ve missed you so much,” she whispered to him. “You have no idea what these months have been like… You’re a hero, you know…”

Spike gave a soft snort, but laid down to let Buffy lay next to and against him, the jaguar’s paws draping over his chest the way Angel’s usually did. “Hero, eh? I’m guessin’ the Scoobies were REALLY sorry to see me go.” He winced internally, since that came out a bit more sarcastic and bitter than it had sounded in his head… Or, rather, how it had sounded when he THOUGHT it.

Buffy blinked at him, seriously, and whispered, “Yes. They were.” She smoothed a paw over Spike’s soft chest fur, blinking down at the waves of fur intently. “We lost Anya, too, that day… Xander was crushed… He hasn’t really been the same since… But when everyone… When I told them what you did… How you told me to get out… When I showed them my hand… Spike, we had a memorial service for you, and Anya. Everyone was there… Xander, Willow, Andrew, Giles… All the Slayers who were there that day… Everyone who knew you.” She swallowed, and her mental voice dropped to a soft whisper. “I gave your eulogy… And everyone came forward to say something about you.”

Spike blinked slowly for a few moments, taking all of that in. One paw slowly smoothed over Buffy’s head and down her neck, stroking her soft fur with the sensitive pads of his paw. “What… what did they say?”

Buffy laid her chin against his chest and blinked up at him, still playing with his fur with one paw. “Well… Xander said he was really going to miss having you around to verbally spar with… And he said you were one of the bravest men he’d ever met. Giles said that, while he’d initially had misgivings about you… Your intentions, and your love had proved true in the end… And that he was sorry he hadn’t taken the time to get to know you better.”

Spike swallowed, still slowly petting Buffy with one paw, as if assuring himself that she was really there. “S’that so?”

She nodded, nuzzling him in the process. “Yes… Willow said that you had one of the strongest auras she’d ever seen… And that she wished she’d never doubted how much you loved me. She also said that, when you weren’t trying to kill us, you really seemed like a nice guy… And that she was going to miss you. Then there were the Slayers… You know them. They didn’t know you too well, so most of what they said was that you were strong, and a great sparring partner… And that they were gonna miss your particular brand of training.”

Spike gave a soft laugh at that. “You mean lettin’ you knock me into random tombstones? Yeah. I’ve missed that, too.”

Buffy smiled and licked his snout gently before laying her head back down. “Robin was there.”

Spike’s tail swished behind him. “Oh really? Bet he wasn’t so nice with his few words.”

The Slayer smiled again and raised her head. “You’d be surprised. He said that you were the kind of person who made people rethink their stereotypes. Someone who, once you’ve met them, you don’t look at others the same way again. Because if one vampire could choose to be good for the sake of love… Then maybe there was some hope for them as a species, after all.”

Spike blinked and sighed softly. “You’re serious ‘bout all this, aren’t you.” It wasn’t a question.

Buffy nodded and sighed. “Very serious…” She swallowed and blinked at him. “Where… where were you two when you found yourselves here? Before, I mean.”

Spike’s ears rotated slowly, absently tracking the movement of a monkey in the above canopy. “On a plane… on our way to come see you, actually. ‘Bout four hours out from landin’ in London.”

Buffy blinked and whispered, “What day, Spike? When were you going to GET there?”

Spike purred softly, but refused to look at Angel for help. He remembered, anyway. “March 27th. Around four in the mornin’, London time. As for the airport… M’not so sure. But if you just had Red do a search for the ETA of a Wolfram & Hart jet, you’d know. There was only one out that day, ‘cordin’ to the rosters.”

Buffy blinked and whispered, very quietly, “That’s tomorrow, where I am. That’s in about twelve hours, actually…” The jaguar grinned and got up. “I need to wake up… I have people to organize… and a plane to go meet.” She stepped back to allow Spike to roll to his feet, then sidled up to him, nuzzling and licking. “I can’t wait to see you… the REAL you…” She smiled, stepping back and going over to Angel, licking and nuzzling at him in turn. “Both of you… You’re going to get quite a welcome, if I have anything to say about it…”

Spike smiled, and lowered his head to press his forehead to Buffy’s when she came back over to nuzzle him… and he made a soft mewling sound when she nuzzled his nose, just the way she’d been planning to do that day that had never happened, all those months earlier. “I’m gonna miss you, luv…”

She swallowed, and nuzzled him again, whispering, “I’m going to miss you too… But at least I know you’re still here… And I AM going to see you again… Very soon.” She leaned up and licked his ear gently, whispering, “I love you, Spike…”

Spike whimpered softly and felt his panther legs go a bit weak at hearing that… and knowing she meant it. “I love you too,” he whispered back, returning her gentle lick. “I’ll see you soon, luv…”

Buffy nodded, vehemently. “VERY soon.” She backed away, then turned to nuzzle Angel, whispering a quiet ‘see you soon’, and Angel’s own ‘I love you’, which the wolf returned as the jaguar slipped away, but she stopped suddenly and turned to them. “OH! I almost forgot… When I was out walking earlier, I smelled a human… with a gun. A hunter. I just want you two to be careful. I’ve never faced a human in a Guiding dream… I have no idea what he’ll do, or if he even really exists… So just be careful, okay?” She waited until both the panther and wolf nodded, then whispered. “I’ll see you two later,” she breathed as she disappeared into the underbrush.

* * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Spike watched her go, absently sensing Angel walking up next to him. The moment he was sure Buffy was gone, the panther turned suddenly and hit the wolf with a hard backpaw across the snout, that knocked the smaller animal to the ground. “You lyin’ dog. And I don’t mean that in a good way. How could you NOT TELL ME!?”

Angel flinched, sitting up and rubbing his snout with a paw. He started to say that he’d forgotten, but he knew how useless that particular defense would be. “Spike, I’m sorry… I never meant to-”

Spike growled. “Damn you and your ‘never meant to’s. This is the last time I let you lie to me, Peaches. The LAST time.” The panther turned with an angry swoosh of his tail, and headed into the jungle. “I need some time alone.”

Angel sighed sadly and watched his Childe slip away into the jungle, his ears laying back and tail tucking between his hind legs. How could he have been so stupid? After all Spike had been through… After all the problems he’d had trusting Angel in the past, and he goes and does something like this? The wolf growled to himself, heading over into the sheltering shadow under a bush and laying down. Yes. He was an idiot. And if Spike ever gave him the chance, he would do more than make it up to his Childe. He made a vow, right then and there, that he would NEVER hide anything from Spike again… No matter what he wanted to do. But for now, all he felt was cold.

And so very alone.

* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Spike stalked deep into the jungle, ignoring the screeches and cries of the animals in the canopy, protesting the presence of the big predator. Angrily, he slashed his claws at several trees, leaving deep gouges in the bark. Flying at one tree in particular, he reduced it almost to splinters. But that, it seemed, spent his anger.

The panther walked slowly into a small clearing and sat down, looking up at the pale morning sky. If what Buffy said was right, this was their last day in this jungle. And in these bodies. Their last few hours with it being JUST them… And Spike was letting anger keep him away from the only person besides Buffy that he really loved. He looked back toward the river, then stood up and started pacing. He was justified, staying away as long as he wanted. What Angel had done was unforgivable…

But so was leaving.

“So what?”, he thought to himself. “So I walked away. I have a right to. What he did was just…” He growled.

“But you left,” the growly, inner voice responded, the same voice that had originally convinced him to GO on this trip. “Just like Angelus left you.”

Spike snarled, swiping his claws at the air in frustration. “That’s NOT the same thing.”

“Isn’t it?”, the voice pressed. “Angelus left you, because something in him had changed. And when he came BACK…”

“When he came back, he wanted nothin’ to do with me,” Spike muttered. “Like I want nothin’ to do with Angel.”

The inner voice gave a deep sigh. “Think about it, mate. Do you REALLY want to condemn yourself to a life without your Sire?”

That gave the panther pause. Did he really want to live forever at odds with Angel? Over something… something so small, in the scheme of things. When he really thought about it, it didn’t seem right… And he didn’t want to turn into Angelus. The memories of how the older vampire’s snubbing of him had felt were still strangely fresh. But even fresher were the memories of a gentle, warm tongue licking at his ears, and wolf paws tickling his stomach. Of playful wrestling, and hunting together, sharing kills. No matter how much he’d wanted those things from Angelus, the older vampire had never really delivered. Rarely, he might have been in a mood for something like that… But in the twenty some odd years Spike had really known him, the moments had been few and far between. He’d simply let his Sire worship cloud his mind to the way the older vampire REALLY treated him.

No. He didn’t want to turn into Angelus. And the only thing he could do to prevent that was to forgive Angel. It wouldn’t be easy, and he knew it… But he had to do it.

The panther swished his tail slowly and turned to head back toward the river. But something made him stop, while at the same time making the fur down his back stand on end. It took him a moment to place what it was.

The canopy was silent.

The canopy was NEVER silent. Even in the dead of night, there were creatures chattering and chirping. Not as loud as during the day, but they were THERE. Now… there was nothing. Even the wind seemed to have stopped blowing. Spike’s ears laid back, and he curled his lip, backing up instinctively. There was something wrong… Something VERY wrong.

And that was when he caught scent of the human.

* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The hunter smirked as he stared down the barrel of his rifle. The panther was BEAUTIFUL… And it’s head would make a lovely trophy. But as his finger squeezed the trigger, the cat moved to jump… And let out a blood curdling screech when the bullet tore into it’s back hind leg rather than it’s heart.

* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Spike was knocked clean out of his leap with the force of the bullet, and it tossed him atop a fallen log nearby. Heedless of the pain in his leg, the cat scrambled and pulled himself over the log, then took off running as fast as his wounded body could go, knowing the hunter was right behind him. The point was driven home when another bullet whizzed past his ear. Terrified, in pain, and running for his very life, Spike’s instincts knew what to do.

“ANGEL!” The name was a cry of fear, pain, and desperation, and it tore through the long blocked Sire/Childe bond that had all but shut down so many years earlier when Angel initially got his soul. Though now it was laid wide open… and all that was shooting through it was Spike’s fear… And his trust that his Sire could help. Somehow.

* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Back by the river, Angel’s head shot up when he heard the gunshot, followed by a screech of pain. But he shot to his feet and took off running when his Childe’s fear came through the bond. “SPIKE!”

Angel pushed himself harder and faster than he’d ever run in his time as the wolf, flying over fallen logs and propelling himself around obstacles that normally would’ve taken him a few minutes to skirt. His Childe needed him… He was SCREAMING for him… Spike was scared… Spike was TERRIFIED… And there had been that gunshot…

Suddenly, it hit him, not at all unlike HE had been hit with a bullet. The hunter. The one Buffy had warned them about. He was after Spike! The wolf redoubled his speed, and the entire canopy erupted in an angry chorus at the obvious predator’s movements below.

* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Spike ran until he couldn’t go any further. Ironically, his leg wasn’t what stopped him, but, rather, the very river that had been their home for so long. He was further downstream, though… And the stench of death pervaded this area of the riverbank. Not too far from where he’d burst from the foliage, half a decaying carcass of a whistling deer was rotting… and not too far away from that, the body of the other panther who’s life had finally given out some time the previous night. Spike felt strangely saddened upon noticing the other cat’s corpse, then sobered with the realization that his body was very likely about to JOIN that of his fellow panther, when the hunter crept out of the trees.

Spike tried to lunge, but his leg had had enough by then, and finally decided to give out. The panther collapsed on the muddy riverbank, hissing and spitting at the hunter, even as the man smirked at him and raised the rifle to deliver the final shot. But a sudden noise distracted the man. The canopy was suddenly screaming with the voice of every animal that inhabited it. The hunter looked confused for a moment, then shrugged it off and went back to aiming his rifle carefully at the wounded panther.

Spike’s heart sank when he realized that his death wouldn’t be fast. The man was considering him the way most people look over a pair of jeans they’re about to buy… He wouldn’t want damaged goods. Which meant that he was going to shoot Spike as many times as it took to kill him, without damaging his trophy. The panther’s handsome head. Helplessly, hopelessly, Spike cried out one last time along the Sire/Childe bond, sending his final thoughts… Along with his love, and forgiveness to his Sire, in what Spike was sure was the last moments of his life.

But just then, the white wolf burst from the trees behind the hunter.

* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Angel snarled, charging at full speed at the hunter, launching himself into the air, his jaws gaping and preparing to rip the man’s neck out from behind. “Leave my Childe alone!”

The hunter whirled, his rifle suddenly pointing directly at the wolf’s head. The man gave a cry of fright, and his finger tightened on the trigger.

“Angel!”, Spike cried. “Sire, LOOK OUT!”

The single thunderous gunshot was enough to silence all the screaming creatures in the jungle.

Chapter 15