Buffy – Test Subject – Chapter 3

Chapter 2

“Come on, Spike! Please?”, Buffy said to the hall closet door. Spike had locked himself in there when she’d suggested experimenting with some of the stuff that they’d been reading about.

“Uh-uh. No bloody way on the Hellmouth, Slayer,” came the reply. “I am staying in here until the Watcher gets back.”

Buffy pouted. “But he might not be back for HOURS!!” Tugged on the doorknob. “Don’t you trust me?”

In the closet, Spike considered. That time the previous day, the answer would have been a vehement ‘hell no’. Now.. Well.. “Yeah. I trust you. I’m just not sure how much yet.”

She grinned. “Well? What better way to find out?” Grinned wider when the door opened slightly. “Come on. I promise only to do what you’ll let me do. Just tell me what the book says, and I’ll do it. The book said that you’ll enjoy it, remember?”

He opened the door further and came out, chewing on his lip. Glanced down at the book in his hands. “Okay. But this is only a test, right? If I want you to stop, you will, right?”

She nodded. “Yeah. Of course.” Considered crossing her fingers, but decided against it. She wanted this friendship to work.

Spike gave a half grin. “Alright. Let’s go.” They walked into the living room, and sat back on the couch. Spike opened the book, and chuckled at the little scraps of paper with translations that Buffy had insisted that he tape to the pages so that she could read the table of contents. “What exactly did you have in mind?”

She cocked her head and read the translations. She’d always been good at remembering what a book said, but as for where in the book it was… Well, that was harder. Hence the translated table of contents. Grinned and pointed. “That one. ‘Pleasure Causing Weaknesses’.”

Spike looked down at the book, chewed his lip again, and turned to the right page. “Gimme a minute to get the translations up for you.”

She nodded and leaned against his shoulder as he read the index and scribbled on the legal pad that he was using for the translations. Spike found it a bit hard to concentrate when she was leaning on him for some reason, but managed to get the index up and taped to the page. “There you go. Find something that interests you.”

She read down it and giggled. “This one I already knew. ‘Light touch stimulations causing prolonged laughter’.” Poked his ribs.

Spike chuckled. “Ok, we’ve already experimented with that one. Pick another one.”

She grinned up at him. “But I like that one. And you do too, you know.”

He shook his head. “Later. Maybe. You said you wouldn’t do anything that I didn’t want you to do, remember?”

Pout, but nod of agreement. “Okay. I’ll pick something el- Ooh! Look at this! ‘Sensitive to gentle rubbing and scratching. Upper body’. I like that one.” Looked up at him. “Can I?”

He thought for a moment. There was still a part of him that was saying that she was going to stake him at any moment, but it had gotten a lot quieter since the previous night’s bout of tickling. He shrugged. “Let me read the details first.”

“Okay. Hurry.” She bounced slightly in her seat. “I want to play.”

He chuckled. “God, Slayer. What did you have for breakfast?”

She cocked her head. “I don’t think I had breakfast.” Got up. “While you read, I’m gonna get some food. Want anything?”

He shook his head, then changed his mind. “Could you get me some blood?

“Okay.” She headed for the kitchen.

Spike returned his attention to the book. ‘Make sure vampire is relaxed and comfortable before performing any of the following exercises..’ He wrote down the translations on the legal pad as he read. It helped sometimes to be ambidextrous.

A few minutes later, Buffy returned with a mug of warm blood, and a sandwich for herself. “Here you go,” she said, handing the mug to the vampire, who had finished his translation only moments earlier. She sat down. “Can I see now?”

He nodded, not taking his mouth off the straw, and handed her the legal pad. She grinned and read the whole thing while she ate her sandwich. In about ten minutes, both of them had finished their meals, and Buffy was finishing reading the translation. When she was done, she looked up at Spike. “Okay. It says you have to be relaxed and comfortable. Maybe.. Uh.. Lie down.”

He nodded, and stretched out across the couch on his stomach. He had to curl his legs at the knees and rest his knees against the arm of the couch to allow her enough room to still sit. She shook her head and stood up. “Uh-uh. Stretch out the whole way. I’ll get the chair from over there.”

He did as she asked as she got the chair that he’d been tied to less than twenty four hours earlier and carried it over to in front of the couch. She sat down and looked at him. He had his head pillowed on his arms and was watching her. “You ready?”, she asked.

“Yeah, I guess. Tell me what you’re going to do, though.”

She reached out and slowly began rubbing small circles where his ribs curved and met his back. “Just like the book said. Gentle rubbing.”

Spike lay there, a warm, peaceful feeling seeming to flow from her hands, to his side, up his spine, and just spread out until he felt so relaxed that he was almost asleep. It was sheer will that kept his eyes open and locked on her.

She smiled at him, feeling as all the tension flowed from his body. She widened her rubbing to include more of his back, until she was basically giving him a massage. Spike’s eyes closed, then reopened, then closed again as her hands found the weak spot in between his shoulder blades. She smiled, liking how good she was making him feel. “I’m guessing the book was right, then, huh? Total relaxation?”

The vampire grunted an affirmative, causing Buffy to giggle a little. He was too relaxed to talk. Time to stop. She sat back, waited for him to open his eyes. It took awhile, and when he finally did open them, he blinked several times, and then shook his head to clear it. Looked over at Buffy with a grin very similar to the one he’d had the previous night. “Hey.”

She grinned back. “Hi. Almost put you to sleep there, didn’t I?”

Sheepish nod. “Now what?”

She glanced down at the legal pad. “Hmm. Take off your shirt, I think. And lay on your back this time.”

He tensed up a little. Laying on his back around a Slayer defied every instinct he had. It was a totally vulnerable position, in which he had little or no hope of defending himself should she choose to stake him. But… Trust. He had to trust her. He did trust her, mostly. Swallowed. “Uh… Okay.” Licked his lips, and did as she asked.

She frowned slightly when she saw him tense. Hmm. Nervous again. She’d have to fix that. Once he was in position, she reached out a tentative hand and laid it palm down on his stomach. His muscles were tensed, and he tried to relax them, but they just weren’t listening to him at that moment. He swallowed again and watched her as her other hand came up to join the first one.

She’s warm, he thought. And it did feel nice. Kept watching as she began rubbing circles as she had on his back. Rubbing his stomach and ribs as if he were her pet dog. That warm feeling started again, and soon the stubborn tense muscles had totally relaxed.

She smiled when she was sure that he’d relaxed, then shifted from rubbing to a nice, hard scratching. She laughed quietly when Spike closed his eyes and let out a happy moan. She kept up her scratching, going up to his chest, then down to his bellybutton, then back up again. Oh, he was loving this. The look on his face was absolutely adorable. Eyes closed, mouth slightly open, the corners turned up in a gentle smile. Then the purring started, quiet at first, then louder and louder the more she scratched.

After about twenty minutes of this, Spike was on the verge of either going to sleep, or vibrating himself off the couch from all the purring. Buffy decided that it was time for a new game. She kept scratching, but slowly lightened the touches, watching his face carefully. The moment he was on to what she was doing, she’d pull out all the stops. She didn’t want to catch him completely off guard, though. It might cause him to drop all the trust that she was earning. She moved the now extremely light scratching completely onto his ribs.

Spike twitched, and his eyes opened. Locked on Buffy’s. Caught the look she was giving him. Half grinned. “Now… Slayer..”

“It’s later.” He knew now. He was ready. She cut loose, tickling his ribs with everything she had. It was a lot harder when he could move around, rather than be tied to a chair. He bucked like crazy and kept trying to escape by rolling off the couch, but she hopped off the chair and sat on his legs to keep him from moving around quite so much. Spike was absolutely hysterical, howling with laughter as he desperately tried to get Buffy off of him. She was tickling his ribs, stomach, and kept reaching up to his armpits when he’d try to grab the couch arm to pull himself away from her. It was too much, far too much. Then, an idea. Fight back.

He’d been trying to grab her hands, but now his hands had a different aim. They found their way to her ribs and began to tickle furiously. Buffy squealed and laughed, trying to twist away from him and keep tickling him at the same time. “Stooooppp!!”, she gasped out.

“Yoooou fiiiiirrstt!” He found a particularly sensitive spot on her stomach, and dug in mercilessly. Buffy gave a loud squeal and her hands left his stomach to grab at his hands. That was the opening he needed. He jerked his legs out from under her, rolled off the couch, nearly tripped over the coffee table, and took off up the stairs with the Slayer close on his heels.

He ran into Giles’ bedroom, and was flying tackled from behind and thrown onto the bed. This started a tickle fight between the Slayer and vampire that lasted a good twenty minutes before they were both too exhausted to continue and just lay there, side by side, laughing and giggling helplessly. It took another ten minutes for them to calm down. Buffy crawled up to the headboard and leaned against it, crossing her legs and sitting Indian-style on her Watcher’s now messy pillows. Spike didn’t quite get that far, and fell onto his side with his head in her lap. He started to move, to roll off her, but she stopped him. “S’ok. You can stay.”

Spike looked up at her sideways. “I can? You don’t mind?”

She shook her head. “Nope.” Frowned. “But that can’t be good, havin’ your head on my knees. Hang on.” She pulled a pillow out from under her and slipped it between his head and her knees. “There. Nice and soft.” She put another pillow lengthways behind her, so if she leaned her head back, it wouldn’t be on the wall or the headboard.

Spike grinned and snuggled down against the pillow, watching Buffy quietly. She reached down and scratched his ribs and stomach a little, causing him to start purring louder again. He’d never really stopped purring, not even during all the tickling, he’d just gotten quieter. After a moment, Buffy stopped scratching and leaned her head back. Absently, one of her hands began stroking his hair gently.

Spike pressed his head against her hand, and she looked down at him for an instant. His eyes were closed, and he was purring very loudly. She smiled, and continued her stroking, alternating it with gentle scratching on his scalp. It didn’t take long before the vampire was sound asleep, his breathing once again mirroring her own.

She was on the verge of dozing off herself, the feeling of his hair in her hand was very soothing. Like petting a cat. When she heard the front door open. She glanced down at the slumbering vampire in her lap, and gave a mental shrug. Giles would have to deal, cause she was not waking him up.

Giles came upstairs, and opened his bedroom door, surprised to see Buffy sitting on his bed with a lap full of Spike. The vampire’s purring was reverberating in the room, making it very easy for the Watcher to hear it. He walked over and sat in a chair next to the bed. Gave Buffy a smile, which she returned. He looked at Spike, who still didn’t have a shirt on, and remembered the open book that had been on the coffee table. He looked at Buffy. “Chapter five?”

She grinned, then whispered, “Chapter five.”

Chapter 4