Doctor Who – The End Of Missing Someone

Two hearts beating together. Two hearts in two bodies, now. And yet still perfectly matched with each other. Home. The true definition of home was in her arms. He’d only been with her for… his sense of time passing wasn’t as good in a human body. Hours? Maybe a full day at this point. All he knew for sure was that they hadn’t left Rose’s room since returning to the Tyler Mansion in London.

His beautiful Rose shifted in his arms, making a sleepy sound that melted his heart. His skin was warmer than he was used to, but it felt right against hers. Everything about him felt right against her. He lifted his hand and ran his fingers through her hair slowly, feeling the way she nuzzled into his hand (even in her sleep). He smiled.

He’d been so lost without her… and he tried hard not to think about the fact that in the original world, he was still without her. He had her here, now. That’s what had to happen – he knew as much as his other self had that it was unavoidable. He breathed in her scent, shampoo, soap, perfume and that undeniable scent of Rose. Their scents were completely mingled at this point – even without his Time Lord senses, he was still very aware of it.

A lifetime for the two of them to be together. A human life time, together. He sighed softly, exhaling the last of his loneliness, the last of his pain, and inhaling nothing but the scent of Rose Tyler. He smiled as his human body slipped off to sleep, his arms as securely around her as hers were around him. There truly was nothing better than the end of missing someone.