Original – The Nightmare

Ever had a dream that seemed so real that you were surprised when you woke up, to find that it was a dream? I had one of those last night.

I dreamed that I woke up. And I know that’s normal, but it’s WHERE I woke up, that makes it seem rather odd.

I woke up in a bed. But not mine. This one was much bigger, with sheets and a comforter so soft that it felt almost as if I was sleeping on a cloud. I got up, in the dream, but I was taller than I’m used to. The doorknob was at my waist level, rather than above my head.

I’m not used to that, but I managed to get into the hallway. Again, things were familiar, and yet different. I was still much taller than I should’ve been. But the strangeness was over-ridden by something very normal for me. Hunger. And it occurred to me that, if I knew where I was, then most likely I could find the kitchen.

Sure enough, I did. And what I found when I went in there was amazing. So many things in the fridge… So much that I’d never gotten to see up close before. But I knew where I was going. My cookie jar. I was so hungry by then that I could barely see straight. I finally found my cookie jar (it looked a bit different from my new vantagepoint), and fished out a cookie. Almost drooling, I took a big bite…

YUCK! What was this? This wasn’t my cookie… They usually taste so wonderful, and now they’re… YUCK! This can’t be right… It really can’t be. They looked like my cookies, but they tasted like… like… cardboard, or… or old shoe leather. I spit the bite out.

Now I felt rather panicked. Before that, the new height and other things had seemed like a novelty. Something I could even get used to. But if I couldn’t have my cookies? No. It wasn’t worth it. I ran outside, whimpering to myself, and jogged out into the street, trying to ignore the fact that I felt like I was blind. No scents! And so many bright colors… I couldn’t take it. I was overloading. I ran out into the street, something I usually know better than to do… And I didn’t see the truck until it was too late.


I jumped and woke up upon the truck’s impact. Thankfully, I found myself back in MY bed. Curled up all comfortable and safe. I breathed a short sigh of relief, and waited for my heart to stop pounding in my chest.

A dream. It was only a dream. A nightmare, even. Oh, thank God. To imagine… Not being able to eat my cookies? Not smelling anything, and seeing things so strangely… It truly had been a nightmare. In fact, I-

“Lady! Here, girl! Want a cookie?”

Oh! Cookies! With a quick wag of my tail, I leaped out of my bed and tore down the hall, back at my familiar height. And I knew that, this time, my cookie was going to taste even better than usual.